Play Video Games In A Virtual Aircraft Sitting In Your Driveway

You don't need to spend tens of thousands of dollars if you want to own your own flight simulator. You can just do what this guy did and build your own!

Matt Thomas built this rig, called the Moving Axis AirCraft Simulator (MAACS), in a way that sounds astonishingly simple when you consider what's been constructed. I mean, with time, tools and some friends to help, even you could probably knock something like this together, especially since it involves none of the following:

The MAACS isn't just a rotating cabinet, either, because Thomas even dabbled with the use of virtual reality goggles instead of a more traditional screen.

You can read more about Matt's project - as well as see how he built the flight sim - at the project site below.

[Rodger Dodger Aviation, via MAKE]


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