You'll Never Get Your Hands On These Killzone, PlayStation Move Nikes

Sorry, sneakerheads and Killzone fans, but these new ultra-limited edition kicks from the most recent Nike and PlayStation collaboration are for "friends and family" only, two more Sony commissioned sneakers that will likely become instant collector's items.

Nike and PlayStation have created these, the PlayStation Move inspired Zoom Huarache Trainer and the Killzone themed Special Forces Boot, for a limited run collaboration timed with the PlayStation's 15th anniversary. Like the PlayStation Air Force Ones and last year's PlayStation Air Trainer 1, expect them to fetch hefty prices on the aftermarket.

An explanation of how this all went down as part of an interview with PlayStation sneaker enthusiast Ron Eagle can be see at shoe site Sole Collector

Nike Training x Sony PlayStation Move Pack [Sole Collector via]


    OK, those are the most hideous abominations I have ever seen! Limited edition or not, count me out!

    ew... lol i dont i want the playstation logo on my shoes xD

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