Your Borderlands Level Cap Just Got A Boost

Gearbox Software's shoot-n-loot action game Borderlands has just been updated on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, delivering a level cap-raising patch for all players. Have fun getting to 69, kids! [Gearbox Forums]


    So that's an extra 19 skill points over the vanilla cap you have to spend... that's pretty close to maxing out the entire skill tree?

      Wouldn't you need about 100 skill points to max out the skill tree? Maybe more because I might have miss counted. Still, 64 skill points (one per level over level 5) is still a pretty powerful character!

        There are 3 skill sets, each having 7 skills that require 5 points to max them out. That gives you:
        3 * 7 * 5 = 105 points
        Then one more for the action skill, means you'd need a total of 106 skill points to max out all your skills.

    And about time too!! Have been holding out on the latest DLC so that I can get some levels as I go :)

    It's about 106 to max the tree.
    Also, you can get 64 points levelling up; the Moxxi and Claptrap dlcs add 2 points apiece.

    Just put in my disk and... :O no update.... has it been pulled/expirenceing technical difficulties?

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