12 Days Of Christmas: Achievement Unlocked

Honestly, I don't know how I feel about this gift. On the one hand, I think it's kinda funny. On the other hand, if my wife opened a parcel on christmas day and found these instead of an awesome pair of shoes? I don't think I would 'unlocking' any 'achievements' for quite some time...

Still, I'm going to say it's worth the risk.


    Definitely worth. Just dont put them on backwards by mistake.

    If my husband bought me those, I'd just make him wear them.


    I've known about these things for AGES!

    I find them amusing, but if i ever tried to give these (or any g-string) to my lovely partner, it would just go to waste...

    Now, if it made all of your farts make the achievement unlocked noise... THAT would be a gift!

    I got a t'shirt last year with something similar on it...

    Achievement Unlocked: Left the house

    I was just pleased they knew I played an xbox.

      haha guess i should real all the replied before posting next time;)

    I saw a better one than this a while ago.. Had the Achievement unlocked bar just like on the xbox, but the achievement was "Left the house"

    I think the issue is this: any time I get an achievement, I have to hit the guide button, review my updated gamerscore and compare the game to my friends to see how many of them also have this achievement.

    Imagine the horror if you WEREN'T the only one...


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