12 Days Of Christmas: Hanachan!

In the run up to christmas, we’ll be highlighting some of the more interesting, quirky gaming style gifts. Today we're recommending Hanachan - the little fella you jump on in Super Mario World. The one that gets really angry and starts chasing after you like a madman.

Hanachan is awesome. He's always been useful in Super Mario World, jumping on this bugger has helped reach many a high ledge - like the irratable little brother you wind up, watching his temper tantrum in full effect has a certain comedy value.

Sadly you can't jump on top of this guy, you can only hug him (awwwwwww). These can be imported from Play-Asia here.


    Isn't that called a Wiggler, still a cool gift anyway.

      The Japanese market versions of the games had different names for these characters :)

    Might want to change your personal pronouns- she's a girl.

    ("Hana" is a typical Japanese girl's name meaning "flower", and "chan" is a cute suffix used for children and girls)

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