12 Days Of Christmas: Kinect And Dance Central

Kinect may not have the games just yet, but if you happen to have a bundle of people around at your place, and you need to bust out some sort of gaming device, Kinect is most likely to blow minds.

The only game you really need to be bringing out, however, especially if alchohol has been consumed, is Dance Central. Sure, the tech isn't all that evolved, and sure it could probably work on the PlayStation Eye, but it is an incredible amount of fun.

It's easily the best game of its type, and should be sufficient to have everyone raving about them there space-age video games.


    It's just the "freestyle" bits that make Dance Central less than what it could have been.

    Work on playstation eye? Sounds like a stretch.

    I have one of these sitting under my tree, alcohol and terrible dancing is on the books tomorrow

      I don't dance... but this is awesome.

      I really gotta follow up my comment about PS Eye, i can't see it working, from what i've seen from it, its a better eyetoy and move doesn't track feet, just the controller.

      I gotta say, i'm getting a bit converted with kinect, Kinect Sports, Dance Central and Kinect Adventures work brilliantly (motionsports is so broken that it's unplayable).

      Throw a few games in there for Gamers and Kinect will be printing money.

    Hey Mark! Long time reader, ive posted a few times. Anyway, I am getting a new tv after Christmas in the inevitably awesome clearance sales, and i am looking for a very nice set of head phones to game (360) with. Good you please list a few nice pairs which i can look into? thanks in advance

      Ooops, meant to post on the MyEars 3D article, damn tabs. sorry!

    It's pretty horrible when the flat upstairs is playing it till 3 in the morning though.

    It's just as fun without the alcohol ;)

    LOL Playstation Eye, how drunk were you when you wrote this?

    Christmas event last weekend I took Kinect/Adventures/Sport for the kids.
    EVERYONE played. From ages 4 to over 60.
    About 20 of us in total. Most were over 40, only three kids.
    None of them played games let alone had a console.
    They all loved it and were amazed.

    Today, about 15 of the wives family were over. Same scenario. All played, all had a ball.
    They were especially grateful of having something to play to get them moving after a massive lunch.

    My family is over tomorrow. Same large numbers.
    I plan on doing the same.

    What Im trying to say is. . . yes, Kinect doesnt have 'that killer game' or 'isnt for the hardcore' etc etc. . . but its almost exclusively being played in my house since release because everyone wants to play it.
    Im not talking kids or teenagers, Im talking 35+.

    Well after having just spent almost all of Christmas day with family and relatives playing the Kinect, I have to agree. Dance Central was a huge amount of fun and a lot of laughs. This is from a guy who absolutely hates dancing, was born with two left feet and has as much rhythm as Steady Eddie after five shots of Jagermeister. The thing that really surprised me though was how good Kinect Sports was with a group of people. Long live the Kinect, hopefully there's lots of new and innovative games like Dance Central still to come.

    Kinect is absolutely perfect for family events! We had it out at a VERY large family gathering for Boxing day and it was amazing to see everyone from the kids to the adults playing.
    Taking turns and chatting while you're not playing - it was a great event. I was actually surprised but there was not even 1 person who didn't try. Everyone loved it! Just jump beside the player and you have 2 player also!
    Can't do all that with a Wii so easily :-\

    Yep have just been back from my brother's house in the ACT and Kinect was easily the feature of Christmas day (out of 4 games incl DC & Joyride), Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures got played the most - and everyone who played walked away impressed, the main thing that struck me, apart from how incredible Kinect Sports is (seriously it's been two years between Rare games but you can see why with such a top class product) was the end of round highlights where you get video footage of the room - absolutely LOL brilliant idea and it's the thing that really sets Kinect apart from the Wii

    Needless to say my kids got the shock of their lives when we returned to homebase today to find a Kinect hiding under our tree!

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