12 Days Of Christmas: King Of Kong

I have yet to watch the movie The King of Kong, but mark my words, over the Christmas period I will check it out. In fact if one of my family or friends was to, perchance, read this post - buy this instead of that rubbish pair of socks you picked up in K-Mart.

The King of Kong is an awesome documentary focusing on the endless race for the Donkey Kong world record, as family man Steve Wiebe attempts to break a 20 year old world record set by Billy Mitchell. I can't think of a better DVD/Blu-ray to get for gamers - except maybe The Wizard...


    Sorry Darling,

    After seeing how much you liked the last 2 nasal hair trimmers you were given, we decided to get you another one of those this year.

      Seeing as he only has 2 nostrils (I assume) where is he going to use the third?

      I'll get them for you, baby ;)
      You know i always take care of my boy

    you work for kotaku and you havent seen king of kong?

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