12 Days Of Christmas: Nice Try Lao Che!

The minute I saw this, I lost my mind. I clicked 'add to basket' without even thinking. It was an unconscious, involuntary movement that I couldn't control. I know I'm in the minority, but Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is my favourite Indy movie, and this t-shirt is just perfect.

Last Exit To Nowhere is my new favourite t-shirt place. If you're looking for a prize for a movie savvy, meme savvy friend, there is no better place. These guys create the kind of t-shirts random people stop you in the street to comment on.

This one is my favourite because I love Indiana Jones more than any film series ever created - but Last Exit To Nowhere has pretty much got it all covered.


    Skynet T-Shirt... yes please!

    I would have thought you'd have gone for the Dr E Brown Enterprises one.

    Also, The Last Crusade > All Other Indy Films.

    Man, what?
    I'm not dissing Temple of Doom or anything, but... Last Crusade.
    Come on.

      I've had this argument so many times, because everyone hates ToD.

      - Minecart sequence
      - Opening sequence with thedancers and THE DIAMOND
      - The awesome bridge set piece
      - Nice try Lao Che
      - The amazing section with all the bugs and the amazing, perfect timing of the actors.

      I just love Temple of Doom.

      "Fortune and Glory kid... Fortune and Glory."

        I'm afraid I have to stick with the masses. Last Crusade > Raiders of the Lost Ark > Temple of Doom > Something I stepped in > Crystal Skull

          Temple>Raiders>Last Crusade>>>>>>>>>eating your own severed penis>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>discovering your wife is your long lost sister>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Crystal Skull.


            Boy am i glad i never bothered to watch crystal skull...
            I've got the others in a box set, however. Great movies, each one. :D

              Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is an abomination. I just want to curl into a foetal ball and pretend it doesn't exist.

                Oh, so you don't wan't to know they're in negotiations for an Indy 5?


                I very nearly cried as my childhood Indy memories were obliterated by that atrocity.

        And Shorty! Best Indy helper ever (ARE YOU READING THIS SHIA LEBOOF OR WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS [man we should totally kali ma him])

        Well as I said, no Temple of Doom hate here, I'd personally just rank it second, I guess.
        Yes, above Raiders.

        You make an interesting argument... however, it's all undone by "Screaming Blond American Woman".

          My sentiments right there. The other two Indy films have great female leads - intelligent, good looking, tied well into the storyline. Willie is loud, stupid, not that pretty and seems to just bog down Indy. She's the only reason I put Temple behind the other two greats.

            But - because of Temple of Doom, I've always wanted to whip a girl, then reel her in, then make out with her. One day I will make my dream come true. And also be arrested.

    Temple of Doom is an awesome flick. I think it's very unfairly ragged on, and I WANT THAT SHIRT.

    Curiously, I have roughly equal love for all three Indiana Jones films. That's right - three. Crystal skull was pretty freaking lame.

    Oh god, I just blew $200 there. :/

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