12 Days Of Christmas: SNAAAAAAAAAAKE!

This just in - I've ruined Christmas. I forgot to add numbers six and seven of the 12 days of Christmas over the weekend. But guess what, this is just like when you forgot to eat the chocolate in your advent calender. Now you get to have three at once - hurray?

The CMD Store is awesome if you happen to be a collector of figurines. And while I'm not technically a big fan of them, there are a couple I'd go nuts over. This is one of them: a 1:6 scale version of Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3.

Sadly the chances of my wife buying me this over, say, a lovely shirt or a nose hair trimmer, is extremely slim. I can only hope and pray that someone I know sees this and orders me this bad boy online!



    Hmm.. you do raise a good point.. i DO need a new nose hair trimmer...

      I have been given a nose hair trimmer for Christmas on two seperate occasions: FACT.

        The one i have i bought myself.. i really wouldn't know how to feel about being GIVEN one...

          Sheesh, you two.... I use tweezers. I've kind of grown use to the eye watering yank, maybe even finding it slightly arousing. Especially when you grab a thick one, and it has a bulbous root system which moments earlier was planted deep inside the fertile warmth of booger alley. Oh yeah.

            I too find a weird pleasure in the eye-watering pain...

            There's something wrong with me.

              Oh god - you're both MONSTERS!

        Two nose hair trimmers is good - you can do both nostrils at once, thus halving your nose-hair-maintenance time.

          Exclusive picture of me using my nose-hair trimmer: http://bit.ly/1003xb

            That's a good brand of nose hair trimmer! I ordered one and it only took two weeks to arrive.

            That actually looks really comfortable, i might have to pick one up

            Serreeeelllllsss... Open your miiiiiiiinnnnnd...

              I used to work in a Shaver Shop, where I sold hundreds of nose trimmers. I have lots of hair cutting implements from there :)

        Dude, once might just be a well-meaning but clueless auntie... but when it happens *twice*, you have to think that maybe people have noticed something about you....

    Well, you DO need a new shirt: http://www.thistler.net/images/mark-of-the-dead.jpg

      Wait, did you actually change the heads? I can hardly tell the difference!

        I saw a preview on the weekend for a new Simon Pegg film.. can't for the life of me think of what it was called, but I saw Simon and I was like.. OMG! MARK! and my wife was like... WTF is Mark? and I was all like... oooh yeah.. that's Simon! :0

    If she insists on buying you a shirt, send her to split reason. Gotta love the Cocktail Party and I [shotgun} noobs shirts.

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