12 Days Of Christmas: The Afterglow

12 Days Of Christmas: The Afterglow

I love my PS3. I’ve spent hours with the thing, but when it comes to shooters, I have to admit that I usually spend a little more time on the Xbox 360 – and it’s purely down to the controller. I prefer the Xbox controller when it comes to FPS titles.

This is why I’ve really fallen in love with the Afterglow. It’s a solid, relatively cheap controller, similar to the the 360 controller in layout, with analogue sticks and triggers that work far better for shooters than your traditional SIXAXIS or DualShock 3 controller.

It also friggin lights up. Just as an added bonus!


  • Actually the wired 360 controller is even better than the wireless controller. The main difference is that it doesnt have the battery pack on the back. It feels more ergonomic and is way in front of the wireless controller for comfit.

  • Well personally, I enjoy a shooter. I have quite a few on my PS3, and a couple on my XBox360.

    But I absolutely despise controllers for FPS gaming, they are ALL quite frankly crap. Which is why my prefered paltform for FPS shooters is the PC. I can’t take any shooter seriously that offers a control system that is slower and a hell of a lot less flexible than something I alread have on my PC.

    Nothing quite like callibrating your mouse so that you can do a 180 degree turn then plant a bullet between the eyes of an enemy in less time that it takes a controller button masher to hit the auto-aim function on their controller. It’s even worse knowing that I can attach a mouse to my PS3 and use it to drive its lousy web browser, but cant use it as an in-game controller. No for me the home of the shooter is the platform that offers the best control options, and that remains the PC.

    • Your opinion. Personally unless I was attempting to go competitive with CS or something I prefer feeling a vibrating, decent weight in my hands with a trigger instead of a tiny unrealistic mouse. Sure I may not have dead-on, ballerina esque, pirouettes but I still get the job done, 90% of the FPS I play on consoles isn’t online anyway.

      • If you spent as much on a mouse as you would for a new controller, you will usually get something heavier and better fit for an average gamer’s hand than some cheap and nasty mouse.
        Actually, you would probably have to pay closer to double that for the mouse, but at least the games are usually cheaper on PC.

      • Don’t think so bro.

        PC Gamer did a thing way back when Halo 2 came out, professional halo players with gamepads vs amateur journalists with a keyboard and mouse. KB + Mouse smashed Gamepad so hard it was embarrassed.

        ‘In your opinion’ a gamepad may have a better ‘feeling,’ or whatever, but keyboard and mouse are more accurate and responsive than any controller that’s ever been made, and that’s just fact.

        Also… not playing console FPS’s online? Isn’t that the whole point? It’s not like anyone is playing Black Ops or Gears of War for the story… right?

    • I think in shooters you should be able to crank the sensitivity up to maximum and do that lightning fast 180 spin but there should be a risk of becoming dizzy from turning around too fast. That way you can still do it but at the risk of being disrupted and only being able to do a spray & pray style attack

    • Console FPSes account for this discrepancy though. They lower the ‘look’ sensitivity, adjust for auto-aim etc, hence why Halo feels like shit on PC while it feels natural on Xbox.

      On that same note, I find console ports of PC FPSes feel clunky and like I’m playing with mitts.

    • indeed. ive seen these in my local EB games outlet, but i never bothered to buy one because this fact. if it was wireless, id be ll oer this like a bad rash.

  • As someone who is planning on getting his girlfriend a PS3 for christmas (hopefully she doesn’t read this, and yeah its kind of a present to me from me as well :P) this is exactly what i needed. Shes a die hard playstation fan and has been stuck playing my 360 all year and admittedly I’ve been pissed missing out on games like God of War, Heavy Rain and Uncharted but those girly PS3 controllers don’t fit in my manly grips properly. And when I want to shoot someone, damn right I want a trigger. Anyway great post, thanks for making my day <3

  • I’m thinking of pulling my ps3 controller apart and putting in the sticks from my spare 360 controller.

    Whichever person at sony decided that convex stick tops were better than concave needs a bit of a smack

  • Mouse and keyboard lover myself. Don’t own a 360 so I can’t comment on how the controller works compared to the PS3 one for the shooters I can’t get on my PC.

  • Xbox controllers have always, still do, and always will, suck. More especially for shooters: the assymmetric analogue sticks necessitate you holding the controller off-centre- and the Dpad is like something from the 1990s. The default analogue ‘triggers’ for the gun triggers are a big grey area. When am I shooting and when am I not? The new silver SE with new Dpad is a step in the right direction, but while they are stuck with their proprietary layout, they are a big fail.

    If you really want to-if FPS response time means that much to you- you can always get a FragFX Shark for Ps3. It also works on PC and MAC… Fragchuck in left hand is MUCH better than WASD (yay analogue!), and you still have the benefit of a fairly decent mouse in the right. The only problem Ive encountered is the sensitivity change when NOT in First Person- eg when using a chopper gunner, you have to drag and drag to get any decent movement. Otherwise, all win.

    Oh, and the Afterglows are diabolical. Who wants the Las Vegas strip in their hand when playing AC Brotherhood at 2am?

  • I wired up one of those old Atari joysticks. I play with that.

    You think you’re hardcore?
    Try playing with only 1 stick and 2 buttons!

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