2010 Is Very Good Year For The PS3

This year is apparently being pretty good for Sony. That means more folks are taking the plunge and picking up PS3s. What does that mean?

According to Kaz Hirai, who heads up Sony Computer Entertainment, the Tokyo-based game company looks to be on target to sell 15 million PS3 consoles this year.

The recently released Move is one reason why the PS3 is building up more steam as are big titles like Gran Turismo 5.

Last year, the company moved 13 million PS3 consoles.

Sony on track to sell 15 mln PS3s in 2010/11 [Reuters][Pic]


    FINALLY, a reason to get a PS3 - a lolcat expansion!!

    Awwww so cute pic :)

    "I'm on your PS3, killin' fortine year old n00bz in COD!"

    I picked up a new slim PS3, December 2009. I still defer to my Xbox 360 S, however. I find Xbox Live a more aesthetically pleasing experience and, not that I'm an achievement whore, but I prefer the 'clunk' of the Xbox award system much more than the PS3. It's the clunk that gets me.

    I see no reason to buy xbox live anymore, as far as im concerned the online is the same, the games are the same but 1 is free. Time to budget cut, cya xbox. You won't be missed

      I am the same Justo

      My live ran out in september and i have not bothered to renew it because I pretty much only play on my PS3 now lol maybe when Forza 4 comes out I might renew....maybe

      I've borrowed a friends dustbucket X360 just to play Mass Effect 1. Will get ME2 on PS3 when that comes out.

    It'll be interesting to see how they fare next year. Sony certainly seem to have by far the better slate of games, while MS seem to have most of their eggs in the Kinect basket.

    If Kinect continues to sell strongly then MS could still hold their own.

    I guess the other factor is sales of 3DTVs - Sony are clearly pushing that area pretty hard, so if 3DTV sales are strong, you'd think the PS3 would get a boost from that.

    Xbox 360 was the number one selling console this year; outselling both the Wii and PS3 by a hefty margin...sure the PS3 was successful on it's own merit but it's losing more ground to the 360 than it was previously.

      Where did you get that information from? According to this:


      Wii was still the biggest seller this year with nearly 16m units, followed by PS3 with about 12.5m and 360 in 3rd with about 11.5m.

      Ah, yeah, Brains beat me to the punch, I was going to link to an article referring to VGCharts.

      The Wii still dominates the market, and while the 360 might be on top in the US and Australia, the PS3 fares stronger in Europe, and the 360 barely has a market in Japan.

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