2010's Japanese Booth Companions Still Passing Out Fliers In Your Memories

For all the years in reviews, Japanese site Moeyo.com decided to do one that might go overlooked, but one that will definitely get a hard second look. That's right, booth companions.

Moeyo.com went through and catalogued all the booth companions from the major game, manga and anime related events from the past year. Here are some highlights.

The Japanese PC game and anime companies in particular are noted for more elaborate cosplaying booth companions than your typical "booth babe". Check out those costumes. Fine work all around.

2010年のイベントを華やかに彩ったキャンギャル・コンパニオンさんを一挙ご紹介! 【年末コスプレ総集編 その1】 [moeyo.com]


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