30 Days, 25 Robots, 24 Moustaches, One Sex Change

Last month 25 employees at Age of Empire developer Robot Entertainment stopped shaving in honour of the annual Movember men's health awareness event. Aside from one transforming into a woman, it seems to have gone pretty well.

Gameface is a photographic celebration of the people who make, play and love video games.


    I suffer from upper lip baldness, if I don't shave for a month I grow an awesome Abe lincoln and a tiny tiny Mexican wisp under my nose.
    So sadly no mo for me.

    One did not wear glasses.
    One wore normal glasses.
    Nine are wearing hats (eight if you don't count a hoody).
    One female with no mo' (as mentioned).
    Two are wearing Santa hats.
    Two are really smiling.
    Three are slightly smiling.
    Four are doing 'fish lips'.
    Seven are wearing black (or very dark) jackets.
    Seven are wearing some clothing that is white.

    I'll probably be technically wrong on some.

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