A Giant Denial For Gundam Rip-Off Claim

A Giant Denial For Gundam Rip-Off Claim

A theme park in China’s Szechwan province constructed a large orange statue that looks incredibly similar to the life-sized RX-78 Gundam erected in Tokyo last year. While the Gundam lawyers are going into mobile lawsuit mode, the park’s operators say their design is original.

The Japanese media is quick to point out obvious similarities, but China’s Floraland Park is rejecting the claims that their 15-meter mecha copies Gundam. Can’t you tell, it’s totally different!

The statue was constructed for the Christmas season, Kyodo News reports. It is being held up by a series of wires.

Debuting in 1979, the Gundam mecha franchise has a devoted following in China.

‘Gundam’ in China park causes fresh copyright stir › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion [Japan Today][Pic]


  • Apparently, new colour = new design. Also from what I heard (rumor) it has been taken down and now they deny that it had ever been erected. “WHAT GUNDAM?! There was never a gundam… ;O”

    • Seems like a typical Chinese thing to do really… blatantly pirate an existing product and deny its the same, despite being basically identical. Then remove it and deny it ever existed (like the tiananmen square incident for example). When will they learn you can’t just deny something thats staring you in the face.

  • The Chinese wilfully ignoring intellectual property rights? Shocker.

    One day, when the Chinese economy progresses past the sweat-shop-of-the-world stage (remember kids, India wants a cut of that action…) they’re going to have to realise that intellectual property is, well, property.

    And on that day, Chinese creators are going to want the same sort of protection for their efforts that they currently disregard.

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