A Patch 1.5 Years In The Making

Enthusiasm for Ghostbusters plateaued soon after its 2009 release, but the game's solid multiplayer variety made it a cult hit for many. That's why, 18 months later, the developer's finally patched a bug that kept players from collecting four achievements.

The studio, Terminal Reality, told fans today that the patch for the Xbox 360 is now live. In June they told fans a fix was on the way but it still took until now to build the thing and get it to pass Microsoft's certification. Problem is, achievement hunters say two of the four (PayDay! and No Job Too Big) are still borked for those who technically earned them before the patch rolled. Those who haven't yet fulfilled the requirements - which, by now, would be very few among those who care enough to complain - are fine, though.

Props to Terminal Velocity for post-release support for a game well off the radar of many but it didn't fix the problem completely. But at this point (wait for it, wait for it ...) who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters Multiplayer Achievements Patch Finally Available; Still Jacked Up [RipTen]


    Soooooooooo... this patched version gonna make it to a disc at all? I know it probably won't, but I wish it would.

      Why exactly? From the article it sounds like the problem achievements are multiplayer related, so you would have no chance to get them without connecting the console to the internet. And if you've connected it up, then downloading a patch shouldn't be a big deal.

    it reminds me of BF1943 and its glitches, and how a pc release or patch for the consoles doesnt seem like it will ever become a reality

    Who gives a smeg?

    My enthusiasm plateaued about half way through the second level.

    By the time I finished the game I was pretty sure I never wanted to see a Ghostbusters 3 (damn you Aykroyd! [spelling?])

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