A Souped Up PS3 Can Cut Your Gran Turismo 5 Load Times In Half

Improve your Gran Turismo 5 loading times—if not your lap times—by ripping out that stock hard drive in your PlayStation 3 and swapping in a solid state drive. You could cut your wait to race in half.

Gran Turismo 5 owners looking to optimise the PlayStation 3 game by using SSD storage instead of the standard 2.5" hard drives are finding that tracks that normally take 50 seconds or more to load take about half that with a new drive. The hefty initial install of GT5, which can run upwards of 40 minutes, can be done in about 25 minutes when using solid state storage.

Worth the extra cash? It all depends on your patience versus your personal wealth, but if you're dropping the money on a dedicated Gran Turismo 5 steering wheel, what's another couple hundred on a new drive?

Eurogamer has some of the numbers, collected from the Beyond3D and GTPlanet forums, which you can see at the Digital Foundry site.

Anyone out there in Kotaku-land already enjoying the read-write speeds of an SSD on their PS3? If so, how are you liking it?

SSD halves GT5 loading times [Eurogamer]


    while i've certainly heard that a quicker drive like a 7200rpm or something can increase the speed of the ps3... i heard that SSD's don't work that well due to the type of file system it uses... and even if they do initially... what about trim support? unless its been added that drive is gonna get slower n slower n slower

    Not worth it... even if it saved you thirty seconds per load, totally not worth the price and the effort.

      it really is not worth it - if you were to get a 500GB HDD it would cost you about $90, whereas you are looking at $250 for 120GB SSD

    I've speculated for some time that a SSD would be awesome for GT5 with its eleventy_billion files, nice to have it confirmed.

    with 128gb solid state drives available for around $210 i think it is now totally worth the price and actually requires very little effort to do (the instructions for upgrading your hard drive with the ps3 are included in the manual and does not void the warranty).

    this would be an awesome solution for anyone setting up a dedicated gt5 ps3.

    TRIM only improves performance when you delete files. If you are overwriting an existing file, TRIM doesn't help and you'll get the same write performance degradation as without TRIM.

    fail comments fail.

      Good to know, I was worried if trim would be an issue or not when dropping an SSD into my PS3.

      That sounds all well and good, but 128GB isn't that much these days. I recently had to go up from a 160GB drive to 500GB because I was maxed out. That was one hell of a long backup and restore. I'm already down to about 180GB free. This is mostly just game files, I keep all my media on another server.

      It just depends on the user, but I wouldn't sacrifice space for speed just yet. Especially when I'm doing endurance races at the moment, another 20 seconds loading for a race that lasts 4+ hours hardly matters.

        320GB of game data alone? I find that extremely hard to believe. I use up a lot of space, I have at least a dozen downloadable games, a lot of DLC, and about 600 save files on my system, as well as several films/television shows, and I'm only at about 200-220 of 250GB. If I excluded all the miscellaneous media files, it would only be about 100GB of game files and data.

    Now just find a way to fix the PS3's memory issues

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