A Two-Year-Old Teaches Us How To Play Angry Birds

Angry Birds needs no tutorial, not when you have a two-year-old super-fan to teach you how to play the game. Cute kid!

2 year old addicted to Angry Birds Christmas [YouTube]


    What a spoilt brat..

      How so?

      It's just a kid...

        Because his parents think it's a good idea to let a 2 year old play a video game.

        And being American doesn't help either.

          Yeah, G-rated video games are so harmful, they should be considered child abuse. Lock up the parents and put the kid in foster care at once!

    "That's how I know you're addicted." awesome, youll save on babysitters down the track!!

    Why are people so enamoured with this game... I know it's cheap and mindless, but it's also shallow as hell. And I'm still not sure if Rovio even makes anything BUT Angry Birds. We all love a rags-to-riches underdog story, but dayum.

      People are cheap, mindless and shallow as hell. This site doesn't report on Pokemon or new MMOs but there's constant shit on Angry Birds. It's getting annoying.

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