All Sweaters Now Unlocked In NHL 11

It's a curious tradition in video game sports, but the NHL doesn't allow games to use all the third and alternate sweaters until they've been used in real life. Now they have, and EA Sports released the code unlocking them.

The code is: bcxkg8fkx3h4m3p5. Select "My NHL 11" from the main menu, then "NHL 11 Code Entry". The seven jerseys it gives you are featured below.

Anaheim Mighty Ducks 3rd

Buffalo Sabres Away

Buffalo Sabres Alternate

Columbus Blue Jackets 3rd

Los Angeles Kings Alternate

New York Rangers 3rd

Vancouver Canucks Alternate


    No maple leafs? Boooo.

    Sabres Away and Alternate are backwards, Dark blue is the alternate.

    And it's not that strange they waited this long, since at least 3 of these jerseys were supposedly secret until about a week ago. The Canucks, Kings, and Sabres jerseys have been around all season though.

    And the Leafs jerseys were right from release, since they changed them before the start of the season.

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