Amy Hennig Addresses Uncharted Movie Rumours

Game Informer is currently running a top notch interview with Amy Hennig, the Creative Director of the Uncharted series. The interview touches on plenty of topics - how she got into the industry, the pros and cons of working in an interactive media, etc - but she also briefly discusses the topic of the Uncharted movie, and the controversial casting of Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake.

The verdict? A very strict and tight lipped 'wait and see'.

"I can't comment on any of that specifically," claims Hennig. "The stock answer that I can give you is that David is currently writing the script, and until he's done, you can consider all of that rumor. It's just a big rumor mill out there, right?

"Basically, as far as the producers are concerned, talking about casting is completely premature, because, you know, we're still writing the thing. It's all still in the works."

Amy Hennig did say, however, that she's very excited about David O. Russel Directing the Uncharted movie.

"I'm excited to have David O. Russell attached as well," says Hennig, "because if the guy that made Three Kings, if he wants to make an Uncharted movie, more power to him. It's exciting to think that there's real quality filmmakers and producers out there, they want to make really good films inspired by these games."

The entire interview is well worth reading - if you're a fan of the Uncharted series, or just interested in the art of video game narrative, we recommend reading the whole thing.

Storytellers of the Decade: Amy Hennig Interview [Game Informer]


    "they want to make really good films inspired by these games."

    More like they want to make a fast crappy movie that people will pay to see despite the terrible reviews because they are a fan of the franchise.

    Can't fool me, video game movies!

    Amy Henning. I salute you for your work on the Legacy of Kain series.

    Why no SCAG updates?

      Nothing much more to report today! Yesterday was crazy though, check the ready tag.

    An Uncharted movie just won't feel like Uncharted without the voice of Nolan North as Nate. In fact, just cast him as the role, considering he has a striking resemblance to Nathan Drake.

      More like Nate has a resemblance to him. And I agree. I'd love to see him as Nate instead of Wahlberg.

    Nathan Fillion & Bruce Campbell or GTFO.

    Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch is so very wrong. Make sure you share this around.

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