And Resident Evil Was Dealt Another Blow...

This odd bit of bragging aired during recent WWE programming, part of the wrestling company's practice of flashing statistics about how great it is after commercial breaks. Maybe they're talking about series performance? Because beating NBA Live in a year without NBA Live ain't impressive.


    Maybe they're talking about the number of different titles?

      lol Maybe... WWE release 1 rehashed game after another every single year, its nothing they should be bragging about.

    It's not fair comparing against Medal of Honour. Poor wee thing.

    It's like saying the Undertaker defeated Stephen Hawking in a cage match, pummelling him to death with his own speak and spell.

      +1 Hilarious

      it would be unfair if it wasnt for all the free marketing it got over "controversy" no press is bad press

    I guess that means everything else is better than it.

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