Apple Borrows Blizzard's Biggest Blunder

Earlier this year, Blizzard attempted to introduce a "real ID" system, whereby users on the company's forums would have their real names shown. It, uh, didn't go down very well. So why has Apple now done exactly the same thing?

It may not have done it in quite so public a fashion as Blizzard, but the end result is the same: starting from now, anyone using Apple's Game Center will have their full, real name shown whenever a friend request (or reply) is sent.

While this is the only place your real name will be displayed - everywhere else you'll just see a user's nickname - once is all you need to tip your full and proper identity off. Apple says it's because the Game Centre's new terms of service state that users must not "pretend to be anyone, or any entity, [they]are not".

This should be a big deal for privacy advocates, and probably would be... if anyone actually used Game Center. I've used it twice: once to try it out, and a second time to see how I could delete it.

Apple's Game Center Now Reveals Real Names For Friend Requests [FingerGaming]


    It's a matter of them trying to train you to think that internet privacy is a bad thing, i.e. Erick (piece of) Schmidt, or indeed Blizzard.

    Not really the same thing. One is the public display of your information to one and all when you post in a public forum where you should have the option of anonymity. The other involves forming a social network where identification of ones genuine self and the avoidance of spambots is a priority. This article didn't seem to note this fact...

    i really had hoped gamecenter was going to be awesome, but it literally does nothing. of the games enabled i can't see that gamecenter really does anything beneficial.

    all it does is annoy the hell out of me whenever the stupid "welcome to gamecenter" flies past, interrupting my game experience.

    Oh but isn't this a needed Feature for iProducts?
    Of course it will be better than what Blizzard tried.. I mean.. NEW and revolutionary and magical..

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