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In this post I ask you to ask me stuff. I will then answer the question in a way that's hopefully relevant to you. So if you have any burning questions you want me to answer, or try and find out an answer to, let me know in the comments below and I'll get round to answering them in the afternoon.

Thanks guys - and I was so disappointed that no-one asked me the 'pants' question last week. Because I was working from home last wednesday. I'll leave you to fill in the terrifying blanks.


    Just wondering what the email address is to send reader reviews to?

      I've always sent mine to editor at

      I usually shout at the top of my lungs and hope Mark hears me.

      But it's a hit and miss sort of thing.

      Well, I sent mine to tips (at), and it got published last week. So try there.

    1.) Are the roles listed on the Allure media site up to date? I am quite keen for the designer/web dev one. If it's been filled then so be it XD

    2.) Are there any planned comps in the future? The MvC one was great, but kinda unfair to people like me, who can't draw to save their lives! More photoshop, captioning, writing and luck based competitions would be brilliant! :D

    3.) Why is Kotaku so awesome?


      1) Yeah, sorry that role has been filled.

      2) Def more comps. And I thought your entry was good!

      3) I don't know why. I just am!

    Where can i buy a left handed mouse for my PC?

      This could be cool if you can find it..

        oh.. wait.. i found it.. on amazon..

        I'm currently rocking a right-hand DeathAdder, and I can tell you that they are amazing. The ergonomics make it the most comfortable mouse I've ever held. I can't go back to normal mice now (it feels so, so wrong).
        And all the customisation (dpi, sensitivity, etc).

      Oh and to hijack your question a little, where can we go to actually try out gaming mice (In Melbourne I'm after but I'm sure other there are other people interested in other cities)? I've been wanting to get a new mouse for a while, but they're pretty expensive, and I've got pretty big hands, so I don't want to just go and randomly buy one only to find it very uncomfortable for me. My last mouse was from Officeworks cause they have those displays where you can actually hold the mouse first, but they don't sell gaming mice (eg, Razor, MS Sidewinder).

        Please hijack it,

        I was just being a smart a$$ cause i was bored and didnt want to start work.. turns out that there is RH mice, that people around here are helpful... and i'm not that funny!

      This is relevant to my interest because I'm also left-handed. Try Ned Flanders' Leftorium.

        wow! sounds like we have quite a few molly dukers here! I'm also a lefty!

    What's your favourite game series, and why? Also, how did you come across it?

      Prob Zelda, MGS and Halo.

      Zelda I just got with my SNES based on a Mean Machines review! MGS, I remember my friends losing it over the game, and not wanting to know because I was an N64 loyalist! That was the game that got me into the PS1.

      Halo I pretty much got day one, and I've loved it ever since.

    Not so much a question, as a request:
    Show us yours! (Gaming set-up, not your junk, obviously).

      Yer I'd like to see what kind of setup he has too. I tried to show you guys mine, but I guess it's still in the backlog of things for him to post.

      I'm keen to bring that back. Just really busy with other regular stuff at the moment like R18+ and Christmas stuff. I think I'll bring it back in the new year along with some other new stuff.

    What do you see as the future of game journalism? Is there still a market for niche magazines, or will internet publications dominate? (Are they dominating now? I have no idea)

      Such a huge question. I could write so much on this. I worked on magazines for years, and I have a real soft spot for them. I really don't know where to start without make this a huge post...

    Do you miss the traffic-stopping UK weather at times? Despite it being horrendous for anyone trying to do anything practical, I was in London a couple of years back when it was shut down due to snow. Despite a few grumpy businessmen, it brought out the giddy childhood joy in just about everyone I met. Had an epicly brilliant time.

    Also, if there was one thing in the world that you could have invented, what would it be?

      My best memories as a kid were waking up in the morning, drawing my curtains and seeing a crazy thick layer of snow across EVERYTHING. Just the knowledge that you wouldn't have to go to school, along with the fact that there was snow everywhere, was the best.

    1. How many more years before we can consider Miley Cirus sexy without feeling creepy about it?

    2. How many more years will it be before they stop making shitty game tie-ins, especially ones with Miley Cirus?

    3. If Miley Cirus was a breed of dog, i'd imagine she would be a fox... Or a daschhound... thoughts?

    4. I'm already sick of talking about Miley Cirus, re you?

      1. None
      2. None
      3. Not sure of breed, but would certainly be of the handbag variety
      4. Very much so.

      I had this same dilema with Madeline Zima (Nanny>Californification).

      But yeah, Im almost thirty so maybe I should reevaluate my position?

        WOAH WOAH WOAH!!
        Slow down there, boy.. Madeline Zima was in Californication...

        ...THAT'S AWESOME!

          See Season 1, Episode 1.. thats about all the confirmation you will need...

            Well that takes care of my plans for the evening.

            yep, how have people not seen this!

            I have never wanted to be punched in the face so much in my life!

      Since when has a fox been a breed of dog? I mean, sure, both domestic dogs and foxes are in the canidae family, but foxes are not a breed of dog.

      And I think just about everyone is sick and tired of the entire Cyrus family by now.

        Meh.. same thing..

        and also, no where near as sick of the Kardashian family... man if i hear one more thing about that group of plastic surgery abusing apes... *shudder*

          Also, we're both right.. kinda sorta..

            I thought you meant a fox terrier? And, I have a big struggle, cause my kids love smiley myass, so it kind of feels wrong that she's turned out hot...

            And, Californication rules. Oh, and I love that lady who is Dexters sister. Why does dexter not have a huge following?? Its awesome!

              No idea why more people don't love Dexter. I've tried to convince everybody, with a 0% rate of success so far. Most people just can't get past the blood in the first couple of episodes.

              It's the most consistently thrilling show on television. Not in a 24 "Woah, fast car chase" way, but in a way that has you literally on the edge of your seat, with uncomfortably jittery nerves, wondering whether they'll actually do what the story seems to be heading towards. You're shocked when the big events happened, and relieved when they steer away at the last minute.

              Then there's the generally strong writing, where you can see that they have a strong plan for the entire season and pull all the strings together episode by episode. And the compelling characters who always have consistent motivations (particularly the villains), such that the situations they end up in feel believable.

              So in short, excellent show, Start watching it now! Just make sure you stick it out past the first few episodes... my wife is squeamish and almost didn't make it, but now she's a fan too!

                Big Dexter fan here. Season 5 eps screen in US Sunday nights and magically appear on my PC on Wednesdays. I love the interwebs.
                P.S. Anyone played or seen the dexter game for iphone?

        ...i love you...

        Only you could inform me to such a site's existence!

    I kind of made a vague question last week on this but I'll reword it-
    Are you still (or have ever been) a fan of adventure games? What are your thoughts on some of the latest offerings like Machinarium and Whispered World? It seems to have got a bit of love from the collaboratory group which surprised me, and I myself still hold it as one of the genres with the greatest potential.

      I knew I should've bought the domain collaboratory instead of (no 'o' after the b). I just didn't like the sound of it at the time. Too late now I guess :( Is Machinarium good? I have it installed but haven't had a chance to play it yet. I can't even remember which computer I installed it on. I've become a games collector who never plays games.

        Haha, aren't we all that kind of game collector? Machinarium is amazing, in a simplistically delightful character/plot/puzzle combination. I enjoyed it immensely :)
        Whispered World was really great too, but the story (specifically the ending) divided a few people. I at least applaud the game for being unique and daring in that sense, unlike many other developers these days.

        Sorry about 'collabratory'! My bad >.<

      I'm a huge fan of adventure games (my gamertag used to be 'G Threepwood')

      Haven't played any in ages though...

    Was that GT5 photoshop competition america only?

    And, if cheese is a kind of beef, and if as you they say "You are what you eat", and cows eat grass (ie. vegetation), surely this means eating steak is classed as vegetarian. :/ ?

      Let's not forget grass and plants rely on photosynthesis, so by extension, if cows eat grass and you then eat cows, you're practically EATING THE SUN.

    Mark -

    I have a conundrum. I have a choice of either going to a Staff Christmas lunch next friday, with a whole bunch of people I really don't like, but I can get a free massage & lunch.

    Or my second option is to just not go and just go over to my mate's house for some multiplayer Dead Rising 2 / Watching Die Hard.

    What do I pick?

      Watch Die Hard. Then watch it again in Spanish. Hilarity ensues.

      Go to whichever has free beer

      Free Lunch & Massage. Grunt noncomittally to your evil workerbeings and then when no one realises slip away to your mates house.

      Best of both worlds!

      Die Hard. C'mon man, do you have to think about hat one?

      Oh John McClane, why did I ever think that some stupid free meal and massage would be better than seeing you killing terrorists and one-upping hans gruber?

      I'M SORRY! I'll even watch Die Hard 4.0 if you want me too. Sure, it sucked, but I'll gladly do that to make up for this.

        That's ok, just don't ever do that again, or you're dead. I'll Yippie kai-break my foot off in your ass if you ever *think* about passing up on Die Hard.

      Die Hard or die trying. Or just Try Harder. Maybe you should just try harder with a vengeance?

    Hi Mark,

    I heard about this in the US a while back, but wanted to find out if this may happen here. I understand Sony are offering an extended PlayStation warranty in the US, but I wanted to know if Sony are offering it here, or if not are planning to do so and how much it might be?

    Thanks :)

      I'll see if I can look for this...

        Hey Mark,

        Here's the link! :)

    And so it is that Sir. M. Serrels desires a conundrum. So it is that i desire to throw 3 of the scurviest curve-balls from the deepest of left-field.

    Does the Serrels dare answer the questions three in the spirit of a sleuth or can we presume he “can’t handle the truth”?

    Mark Serrells’ 3 temperature based riddles:

    Does Modern Warfare have the HOTTEST, mustachioed-macho men in video games?

    Should the next incarnation of UFC have even sweatier/steamier grappling mechanics?

    Is minus 40 degrees Celsius exactly the same temperature as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit?

    Can Mark handle the heat in the kitchen or will he freeze under the cold, hard, fluorescent light of the interview room? Please discuss.

    And so it is with my solarium ready for my afternoon tanning session and my red speedos securely fastened, I bid you good day.

    Tell nobody i was here.

      Better yet, if we put Senor Serrels in either a very hot or very cold place for a period of a couple of minutes, will he change shape?

      - Bennet from Commando is the hottest moustachioed man in any medium.

      - The sweatier the better

      - YESNO


        Yes indeed.

        Well played, Sir.

        With forlorn duty it is that I reluctantly chalk this up as a win for the Editor.

        I enjoy the ambiguity of your response to question three and your implied denial of a singular or absolute truth; you suggest uncertainty as central to the very nature of existence - well played.

        Bennett? An interesting choice and i accept & recognise your decision.

        But, listen, please understand, i’m just playing devil’s advocate here: from memory, Bennett is sleeveless for the duration of the film without the necessary upper-arm conditioning.

        John Matrix looses the sleeves - certainly - but he does so only after the necessary work at his local gymnasium.

        Is Bennett’s splendid moustache not jeopardised by the extent of his fashion faux pas? - Discuss.

        And finally: yes, exactly. Obviously a slipperier & sweatier grappling experience in the next installment of THQ’s UFC is going to be like super hot and educational for everybody.

        Final Score: 2.5/3. (which is like 83 per cent or some junk - what am I, a mathematician? - You can answer that question next week if you prefer.

        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

        Motivating Mark - A Poem by S. Cavalcade.

        2.5 out of 3 is not bad
        Most people would be glad
        Mark Serrels is not a predator
        He is your friendly Kotaku Editor
        Go Serrels!


    Hi Mark,
    I'm putting my future in your hands! To some extent... Would you say it's a bad time to try and get into the games industry in Australia? I'm thinking I'd really like to study games design next year, but I'm always reading about studios closing or laying off staff. I'd really appreciate any advice! Happy to accept thoughts/advice from anyone else too lol. Thanks:)

      It's a big decision - if I were you I'd prepare myself to move overseas, but the mobile scene is growing rapidly, and there are still great studios in this country.

        Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely keep that in mind... Oh and while I'm here, I'll say that I'm really enjoying what you're doing with the site, so thanks for that as well!

      Having worked for aussie game developers in the past, I can say it's definitly a fun career path if you can pull it off, but it doesn't matter where in the world you are, developers will lay you off at a moments notice to save money. Every artist I've known in the industry has always had a backup career they could fall back on in the downtimes. You might be lucky and get a year or two of employment out of one company, and then have nothing for 6months - 4 years. It's a very topsy-turvy industry. Often you can be lucky to pickup some freelance work in between jobs, but it's always best to have something else to fall back on if need be. Myself, I'm a computer tech when I'm not doing game dev stuff. I haven't been employed full time by a game dev for a number of years now, but that's more for lack of trying than anything ;) I just thought it was a good time to take a break, but I still do freelance work in my spare time, which keeps the fire burning :)

        Thanks! Should have known I could count on one of the regulars to come through with some help:) I've had a really stable job for the last 7 years so I'll admit that whole tipsy topsy turvy thing scares me a little..! On the other hand, I'll probably drive myself crazy if I'm here for another 7 years so perhaps a leap into the unknown is necessary lol. I can't help but think that in 10 years I might kick myself for not giving this thing a go.. Damn life and its lack of multiple save files... Thanks a whole heap though:)

          It is a bit on the scary side. I was quite young when I broke in to the industry, so it was probably a bit easier for me as I was a bit.. carefree. I had been modeling for years as a hobby, and knew I wanted to make games, and then I got sponsored to take part in a trial of one of the first australian game dev courses. At the end of it we had an industry night and I was lucky enough to woo one of the developers. Having that kind of exposure certainly helped me a bit. Not sure how easy it would have been without it. Once you've got your foot in the door though, other dev's are more likely to take notice of you. I was in games for a number of years, and then got cut during downsizing. I went in to tv after that, and I've kind of jumped between games and animation ever since. I guess I would go back to doing it again if the opportunity presented itself, but I haven't been actively seeking it lately. Happy to just wait it out and see where life takes me ;) Never know.. might end up with my own mob one day!
          Also, if you're interested in game dev, perhaps you should join us at We're on the virge of starting up a project with people from the Kotaku AU community, and it would be ideal for you to gain some experience. I'm posting all kinds of info there on different aspects, which will help you to learn about stuff aswell!

            I think the Kotaku indie game is a great idea, but honestly I would feel like dead weight to you guys lol, I can't think of anything I would have to offer...
            It sounds like you had a great start in the industry, I could only hope that I'd get that lucky. Perhaps I'm still young enough to get away with being carefree... I'm probably on the border! lol.
            I guess in the end I've just got to decide if it's worth the risk and probably instability in the future. Can't thank you enough for all the info you've given me!:)

    Why wasn't Dragon Quest IX in the handheld category today?

      No-one nominated it!

        I swear I did!

          I did!

          Jimu Hsien
          November 24, 2010 at 5:19 PM

          Handheld and phone together?

          A phone game is gonna win cos everyone has one…

          I vote for Dragon Quest IX, I just couldn’t play anything else for a month solid!

            Doh. Oh, well it'll come through the 'other' section. I'll update it tomorrow. My bad.

    I'm thinking of getting a ViDock worth getting for my lappy. Will I get the full power of the graphics card or will there be some power loss?

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