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Every Wednesday I ask you to ask me stuff! So fire away! The subject can be anything - from the games industry to um... whatever. Just don't ask if I'm wearing pants - the answer may terrify you.


    Did I win the iPad? :D

      *drops the knees*

      I mean...



      Man your efforts have been tops. I wouldn't be surprised it you do.. hopefully my efforts will at least land me a figurine, as i don't have an iDevice to play the game on if i win that.. lol

      Good luck, dude :)

        Thanks, I hope you win that figurine.

        PS. Why doesn't anyone seem to be able to spell my name right? I didn't make a typo when creating my facebook account... :P

          I think he did that on porpoise so we wouldn't read 'k-k-k" and we would read "SSSSSSSSSSSS" like a snake.

            Yeah, you're probably right, but he's not the only person to misspell my name recently when my name is written on the same web page :P

              Would you like a Tissue?
              Some counseling, maybe?

              Perhaps a box of Cadbury Roses to thank for for the repeated correction?

              Seriously mate, it was one letter - people spell things wrong, even when the word is right in front of them, all the time.

              Perhaps consider changing your name to somehting similar?
              Perhaps Tom?
              Or Pat?
              or Bob?
              or Achkmale Hadubeb Mcsubliable?

                Im gonna have to call you on that, Chupoola. Nobody has been getting ANY names wrong.

                  while it may be hard for you to ignore your bastard-like ways (which we all love you for), as a matter of fact on Monday someone called tadmod, 'Todd'.

                  Your apology is accepted, my boy!

                  And just because YOU haven't noticed any typos, doesn't mean there hasn't been any. As razor sharp as your senses and wit are, some things still slip by you, believe it or not.

                If we're going to talk about typo's I want to know what Jimu saw you do on a porpoise. Methink's they won't let you into Seaworld again :p

                  I's tellun u guyz they aint noo typoz on dis Syte. This is the last THYME!

                  (Obvioz enuff yet?)

                Simpler, not similar :P



    How are your pants coming along?

      He's sewing his own pants now?

        I told you guys - you missed your opportunity. Last week I was at homw working sans pants.

    Will there be another playdate on Friday, and will you actually turn up? :P

      I'll be down with more shooting, even if Serrels abandons us again.

      Aw man, stop making me feel bad! I feel guilty enough as it is. I'm up for it this Friday if you guys are!

    Have you ever done a Zumba Fitness session?

    Were you disappointed there was no surprise announcement of a new Mechwarrior game at the VGA's?

      They announced the new Mechwarrior game ages ago! With a teaser trailer too.

        What he means is "why wasn't there more news?"

        the fact that trailer WAS ages ago with no word since is a cause for concern..

      I was too busy getting on my high horse about CGI trailers and how much I hate them...

        I saw that in twitterland. I said silently to myself, I think I disagree, and continued to ponder the reasons. Then I left it at that.

          I like CGI trailers, but they should be accompanied by an in-game too.

            I can't remember a single one that I liked...

              Well this one for starters was so hot darn good (IMO) that it got me to finally give Bioshock a go. The way it sets up the world is just... awe inspiring -

                That's one classy trailer Sugbrudda, if only the games were as tight.

    Max Payne 3. What's the go? GAME is selling it already, but I can't find any details of release dates or anything anywhere online.

    Are GAME just being overconfident and looking to borrow some of my money (before an inevitable refund), or do they know something that we don't?

      Rockstar are a bit difficult to get info out of. The way they run things is that they usually focus on one release at a time, and barely discuss any other upcoming games. At the moment the focus is on LA Noire. I'm hoping there'll be some more info on Max Payne 3, because I loved the direction they were going in.

        Fat bearded bugger in a wife beater singlet?

        So, your ideal protagonist is Onslo from Keeping Up Appearances?

          I'd pay for a game staring him.

            Forget everything else, forget Commando: The Movie: The Game - this should be the community project.

              One Britons search for a good televised soccer match, a warm larger and some peace and quiet... away from Daisy and her two mental sisters.

    How many friend requests did you get due to posting you GT on here? I was actually surprised as I assume it would just get spammed from now on? Is this something you have done before or do you normally keep the work/personal time apart.

    Not sure why im asking, just wondering really?

      Not as many as I thought... maybe I ran out of space?

    What do you think of the different approaches to action RPG taken by Bethesda and Bioware (comparing fallout/TES and Mass Effect)? Personally, I enjoy the worlds Bethesda creates, but I find the characters and dialogue of Bioware a lot more engaging.

      I definitely prefer Bioware. Mainly it's a time issue - when I play Bioware titles I feel like I'm making progress, whereas with Bethesda games I feel like I'm getting lost in this massive time sink.

    What game are you most looking foward to next year?

      Mass Effect 3, Zelda, 3DS, Dead Space 2.

      The Last Guardian is prob my most anticipated though.

    Any chance of a preview for Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

    I'm sure you're job is awesome and action packed.. But if you have a moment at the office and you're completely bored, what do you get up to?

      I try and flirt with Elly, and get blank stares. And then I eat skittle sours.

        I'd do that exact thing but switch the words "Elly" and "Skittle Sours" around..

        ...yeah i went there...

        Bow chicka wow wow


          I think we need a 'Like' button.

            Only if we also get a facepalm one, or 'shakes head'

        Ewww, sours?!?!?

        Skittles Fruits is where it's at my friend... unless there's some side effect from mixing it with Irn Bru I don't know about.

          Guys, Crazy Core Skittles are where it's at.
          They're not sold in regular supermarkets so you have to go to candy shops that import, but, so worth it.

          My most evil thing to do on one of those "My brain isn't working" days, is to have a can of Monster Energy drink and pop skittles sours. Nothing wakes you up and gives you heart problems that that mix, my friend. You should try it, it'll put hair on your chest.

            Or perhaps hair on your hand? Is that how your fist got a beard?

              On the contrary, his beard is actually a fist.
              I don't know if that means his facial hair sprouts as fists or merely in the shape of fists, all i know is i'm terrified and turned on simultaneously.

              Also, you get hairy palms from OTHER activities...

                Shirley he has both.

                A fist with a beard and a beard shaped fist.
                AAAANd the logo on his shield is one too...

                  I always imagined he had a fist with a beard, and that beard was shaped liked a fist, so his fist looked like a double fist.

    I'm currently working on a design doc for Commando: The Movie: The Game and had a question.

    Should there be achievements for following the script of the film when talking to NPCs? e.g...

    "Oh and stewardness, do me favour. Don't disturb my friend...-

    - He's had too much to drink
    - He's dead tired <----Achievement goes here
    - Or I will shoot you in the face
    - Jenny?

      How about a game that let's you play from the perspective of Bennet? You get to design your own chain mail. Grow giant moustaches. Disguise your beer gut, let off steam, welcome people to parties, and chastise people over their training methods.

        I imagine playing from Bennet's perspective would be perfect for the highly anticipated sequel which everybody ends up hating because you don't play as the dude from the first game but instead an extremely homo-erotic character....heeeeeyyy, wait a minute.

          You need to make a few dedicated taunt buttons. If it's on a console, maybe hold down a shoulder button and press a face button for some taunts.

          > "I'm gonna KILL YOU JOOOOOHHHHNNNNNN~!"
          > "I DON'T NEED NO GUN!"
          > "Do you know what day it is, Matrix? PAY DAY!"
          > "Catch.... YOOOUUUUU!"

          Man, I'd play the f***out of that game. Make it open-world too, and just have bennett running around the streets / island just yelling those lines at random people.

            God, Commando is my favourite movie of all time.

              You should start reading some of Jeph Loeb's comics.

      Comment+reply of the week.

      And if you get all of those achievements it unlocks a feature-length cutscene Commando: The Movie: The Game: The Movie.

    Any news on when the PSP version of Puzzle Quest 2 will be released? Previous articles said it would be this year, but there isn't much of "this year" left any more.

    Lookin to build a gamin rig on a budget $1000-$1500.

    Been out of the scene for sum time now and not to sure on what specs to buy?

      i7 with 4-6gb of ddr3 and mobo + gtx460 = kickass! will fit your budget if you stick with low end i7, and might should have money left to get hdd's and other shit if you need.

      Whirlpool and PCPP thread links ahoy!,-need-help-with-an-upgrade/

        Much appreciated gents

      Yep I figured there'd be people here better suited to answer that question than me!

    Considering GTA V - So we're lead to believe the new setting will be Hollywood. My question is, have speculated on where R* are going to go with the game in terms of new and/or improved gameplay mechanics? Do you think they're going to blow us away with anything leftfield?

      ^^ugh, have YOU speculated....but I figure you're smart enough to have worked that out, but still...I hate errors.

      Um. Tough one. I think that somehow Rockstar will try and bring more colour to the GTA world. I hope they try and remain focused story wise - more like Gay Tony.

      It's hard to say where they'll go to be honest.

      Rubbish answer - sorry!

        Colour! ;-) Thanks Mark. At least you didn't say, "Introduce pimpin' missions." or something.

    Sorry, last time I'll ask. Did you get my mVc entry? I emailed a link through last night. :)

      Got it mate! Sending it off today!

        Sweet, thanks a bunch! :) Did I also win some sort of prize with the Kudos thing? I did email you my details, but after the entry went missing I'm concerned one of our email accounts is a bit screwy.

    This Stephen Totilo guy, was he hired to insultt us?

    "It even has neat special effects, bad haircuts and a story that I already lost interest in."

    Pretty harsh words.

      I will deflect this question by talking about the fact that I actually received an envelope addressed to Stephen Totilo today for some reason.

      It had Habbo shit in it.

        What is with people spelling their name Stephen and expecting everyone to pronounce it Steven?

        That's not your name... your name is Stephen, like Stephanie, it's pronounces Stefen. If you wanted people to call you something else, you should be spelling it properly.

          My hikeschool GF's name was Liza and she had everyone calling her Lisa.

    2 questions:

    1) Am I supposed to be expecting something in the mail, or did I make that up...? XD

    2) Have you ever felt inclined to post something really stupid/innapropriate/rude/etc on a REALLLY old article which noone would read again?


      1) I did not make that up! I think I sent you something... oh man, I need to find a way to keep track of all this stuff.

      2) Only if it's about the greatest game ever made, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

      Okay, 'fess up! Which ridiculously old article did you deface on a whim TadMod? :p

    Do you know if there are any plans for Game Dev Story to come to PC or an english translation of the original? I have been searching the net but couldn't find anything.

    I've been stealing my mate's iphone whenever he's around to play it and would like to get it myself. I don't really want to buy an iphone, though I might consider a cheap second hand ipod touch, which would ironically be significantly more than the actual game.

    There is a facebook version but it seems to have reduced functionality, is a facebook game and has all of the flaws you can imagine that comes with that and also has a ridiculously long development time.

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