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In this post I ask you to ask me stuff. I will then answer the question in a way that's hopefully relevant to you. So if you have any burning questions you want me to answer, or try and find out an answer to, let me know in the comments below and I'll get round to answering them in the afternoon.


    ARE YOU OK?!

    Hey Mark,

    I read up on your interview with Jung to make sure you did mention a local Kotaku podcast: lo and behold, there it was under the short term plans. Do we have any chance of hearing your dulcet tones (possibly in conjuction with Seamus & Nick, or even guests) early in the new year?

    Any special plans for Christmas or should we expect you to be sitting at home in your underwear, logged into Kotaku?

    Are you surprised at how much Kotaku has exploded in the last couple of months since you've been here? Not taking anything away from The Wildgoose (I liked him too and he was great for Kotaku) but we just had 350 TAY posts before Wednesday and it's still the friendliest community I've ever seen - I'm not sure if you've drugged/hypnotised us or what... it's like, woah D:

      *press Y to threaten Mark for Kotaku AU podcast*
      No, seriously. I want a podcast to come out soon!

      I think Mark is leaving us behind to go somewhere for Christmas : ( look:!/Serrels/status/17458847337680896

    The X-mas break is getting closer and closer and closer....

    ...and closer..

    So are you guys getting time off, or just the main days like some of the schmucks out there like myself?

    Got anything special planned? Both game related and otherwise.

    We still haven't planned our new years, so i was also wondering, what does a Mark Serrels new years consist of?

    hey mark, have you played the dead space 2 demo yet? if so what are your thoughts?

      Have you played it yet? I'm very very keen for this game.

        Hells yes. Got my Collector's Edition on pre-order.

        i havn't yet i got a strange urge to do so though when i logged on to kotaku this morning

      The demo's out!? OoOoOo....I'm tempted to steer clear of it and let the full game hit me in the face. Collectors Edition pre-ordered!

    Yeah, sorry about that limp, buddy. I should have told Chuloopa to go easier on you...

    My current pile of games that I have to play:

    On Xbox - Mass Effect, Gears 1 and 2
    On PS3 - Bioshock
    On PC (CURSE YOU STEAM) - HL1, HL2, Ep1, Ep2, Freedom Force, Kotor, PoP:Sands of Time, Braid, Misadventures of PB Winterbottom, World of Goo, Super Meat Boy, L4D2.

    So. What do I play next?

      What was the last game you played and completed?

      I personally like to mix it up. After i finish Mass Effect, i'm going to play a shorter game before sitting in for another RPG (ME2, Dragon Age or Fallout 3)

      If you haven't played gears yet, get into it - or if the last game you played was short, i would recommend a Half-Life marathon binge - they are timeless classics!

      If the last game you played was reallly long and involving, maybe PB winterbottom or Super meat boy or Prince of Persia.

        Last game? Brotherhood. Before that, played Uncharted 2 again, Splinter Cell Conviction and Enslaved.

        Also, I should clarify, I've been playing Super Meat Boy, up to World 3 atm. I kind of just open it up and play a few levels then go back and do other stuff/get interrupted.

        Also, I've played Gears before, it's just that now I finally own an xbox and my own copy of Gears, whereas before, I was playing it at my friends place.

      KoTOR is fairly amazing - probably one of my favourites of all time. Of all time.

      Other than that, any of those looks pretty good - the downside to all those awesome games is not having the time to play them all :P

      Id say Gears, but you may want to play those closer to when Gears 3 comes out.

      Don't play Super meat boy without a controller (IMO)

      So I would say play HL1 and then HL2. And if you have time over the holidays Mass Effect.

    Why is it new posts sometimes get posted as being on one day when they were actually posted the next day? If that makes sense.

    For example I'll read all the posts posted on a Monday and then go to bed. I'll then get up in the mourning at let's say 7.30 and check Kotaku and there will be no new posts. I'll check again half an hour later and there will be one or two new posts. Half an hour later I'll check again and see some new posts as well as that grey line that devides the days posts and see the posts that were posted at 8am Tuesday as been listed under Mondays posts and the posts at 8.30am Tuesday being listed under Tuesdays posts.

    Is it that news breaks on a Monday past the time when you've all gone home for the night and then when you come back on Tuesday and post that news that happened Monday you post as Monday because that's when it happened?

      A few ideas that might be the reason.

      One is that Wordpress allows the writer to choose the time of publication (and therefore, have the option to publish retroactively).

      Another possibility is that the import from Kotaku US imports the date-time stamp that is 18 hours behind us (i.e. Monday posts would show up on a Tuesday for us, as it is Monday in the US when they were written).

      Or the import from the US Kotaku includes AU timestamps, but the import only happens once per day (like, perhaps at midnight).

      My thoughts (i.e. wrong answer). I'm sure Mark has the right answer.

        Dire Wolf, that's pretty much it. It's my job each morning to edit and publish the US posts that come through overnight. Since the US guys are a few timezones behind us, they'll continue publishing posts after we go home. So when I log in each morning, there is a backlog of US posts that need to be edited and published.

        We don't change the timestamps and there's no such thing as importing once a day. We receive the stories in our CMS pretty much as soon as the US guys publish them. During business hours, the US stories are published almost simultaneously with the US site.

        Ideally, all the articles from overnight will be ready for you guys to read by the time you wake up, but I'm also responsible for the US content on Gizmodo and Lifehacker, so it's a balancing act!

        Hope that answers your question :)

    Do you think the PC market will ever be what it used to be? I recently heard that Battlefield 3 will be the same version for PC and consoles which is pretty much confirming it to have the same sort of "stripped down" feeling that the Bad Company series has, instead of a true sequel to Battlefield 2.

      What do they strip? I'm a console gamer.

        64 players, a better implemented squad system, much larger maps, jets, voice commands, prone, a commander who plays the game like an RTS - directing squads, directing artillery/UAV/supply drops etc. - and just more depth to the overall game, like sneaking into enemy bases to plant C4 on their artillery or UAV trailer so that their commander can't use it. It was a much slower-paced and somehow more intense game. Ah, good times.

          not to forget going prone!

          Was that technical limitations or bullshit reasoning?

    Mark, why is it that every time I see you post on twitter I get sudden massive cravings for hamburgers? If you ever come down to Melbourne, there's an awesome cafe in Brunswick that does an epic little burger - must have. Miss Marmalade is the name. Can't stop having that little bastard.

    If you could, without any guilt or fatness repercussions, eat one food thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    And is it true that your Pants are the secret to time travel?

      I know you asked Mark but your question got me thinking. Mine would probably have to be chicken pakora. It was always my default "night out" food before moving to Aus. Maybe chicken kebabs with extra chilli sauce.

    Seriously. I'm a bit worried now. Did we break Gizmodo??? Won't even load page one now....

    Me and the mrs got wii fit.
    We also got a rechargeable battery for the board. When we use the battery it seems to be just over 5 kilos different when taking our weight.
    Any Ideas why that could happen?


    Mr. Serrels, when I told you to check out the comic book work of Jeph Loeb I received no reply. Was this because you didn’t care or you didn’t realise it was in context?

      Don't know about the Wii thing. Wow. I'm doing a biggest loser competition at the moment - this could be the key to my victory.

      I just did a search through my emails - don't think I got that one...

        I left a comment in TAY. Guess you didnt approve that one. Or are you not reading my rants? Should I start adding hidden swears to test this?
        I will, I'll add some swears.

    With reference to Dead Space 2 a few posts up, can you ask the idiots over at EA why the hell they changed the PS3 Collector's Edition a number of weeks back?

    PS3 -

    XBOX -
    PC -

    So the PS3 version is now missing the replica Plasma Cutter and instead gets an in-game Rivet Gun.

    Even if it is tacky, the Plasma Cutter replica was one of the main reasons for getting the Collector's Edition, because it's a light up plasma cutter!!!! So awesome!

    The problem is, with EA bringing Dead Space Extraction to the PS3 (included on the disc, I assume), the PS3 version is ultimately the better package game content wise, was this EA's way to provide something for the 360 fans?

    I've got my pre-order still on the PS3 version and that won't change, just completely annoying they changed it after the fact. Can you find out from them how I can get one without having to resort to getting the XBOX or PC version.

    I'm happy for them to just send me one! :)

      You can cancel a pre-order if they remove stuff, right?
      Surely that has to be a rule, or then everyone will claim to have alla this cool stuff and then the day before release...
      "Soweeeeeeee, we removed the good stuff.".

        You can cancel a pre-order just about any time, I think. It's your money after all ;)

      1. Buy Xbox collector's edition
      2. Buy normal PS3 version
      3. ????????
      4. Profit!

        @ Jimu Hsien - Cancelling the pre-order is no drama and ultimately something I won't do, I've got the original on the PS3 and I don't like changing franchises over consoles...

        @ NotoriousR - possible, but I risk losing money on that is I just the replica only and return the game, because they might deem it incomplete and not allow the return but force a trade in only...

        @ Choc - It's not going to be Project $10, that will be the games multiplayer mode like all EA games now... If it was Project $10, what would the 360 owners get? Seeing as Extraction is only coming to PS3 because of Move Support.

        Bloody publishers need to stick to offering Complete SKUs, not this cut and paste shit with multiple SKUs over multiple console also.

          Not a Final Fantasy fan then?
          My lovely (recentley shit on) franchise spreads over many consoles!

      Extraction will be a PSN download via a one time code.

      Project $10 baby.

      Looks like JB Hi-Fi have dropped it as well.

      Oddly enough, there's no Plasma Cutter pictured with the PS3 collection but it's still listed at the bottom of the page. I smell shenanigans.

      Thanks for reminding me to pre order the game I'd forgotten to do that. Getting 360 version because the Plasma Cutter is awesome.

      Found a way round this, order the US collectors edition, contains the plasma cutter, extraction and ignition AND costs less to import. Thanks to the PS3's region free bluray player you can play the US games with no problem.

        Nice! I thought it was a worldwide change (well I knew of PAL territories at least)...

        Pre-ordering from the US now!

    What was the fallout from yesterdays invasion... was Seamus suitably pissed, I ask because I noticed Talk Amongst Yourselves was missing for about an half hour this morning...

      It was prob missing because Elly forgot to repost it!

      Nah Seamus loved it. Was pissing himself. Then he spent 30 mins in front of the mirror in preperation for yet another television appearance.

      Everyone in the office was blown away! Elly was losing it!

        Despite the fact you were, no doubt, still sitting at your desk only a couple of metres away? :P

        It was awesome that everyone could play along - I'll remember the day we kidnapped Serrels for a long time...

        Do you ever tell the missus about any wacky Kotaku stories/people, or are you not proud enough of us yet?

        God damn it, can we make sure everyone is on the same page here!
        For the last time -
        Everything that goes wrong at Kotaku HQ is always and forever Elly's fault.
        Do not question the nature of the problem.
        Do not ask: why?
        Rather, question how Elly can learn from her mistake and - in time - become a better person.

          I get the blame for everything that goes wrong around here, even though I'm the one usually fixing everyone else's mistakes. It's a tough gig working with Seamus and Mark.

            Perhaps Elly could be aprenticed to someone who's consistantly awesome... and would pick up said awesomeness through osmosis?

            I would suggest Loops, but... well, there's no possible way that would end well.
            Perhaps, she could be apprenticed to Jimu instead?

            Actually Elly is the Queen of Allure and the best. And she never makes mistakes. Usually I make a mistake then I blame Elly, because I assume she doesn't read the comments. Elly you are a goddess, and the most beautiful and perfect in every way. Everyone should bow down to the great Elly Hart.

              You're obviously suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

              Or, Ellie is posting under your name...

      ahaha, I was half-expecting that none of my comments would be approved because I started the spam XD

      Good job all around... We WILL get Seamus to do something like it in future! This time, though, he won't be able to escape!

    Are you really the head of the Quikie Mart?

    Do you agree that Fable 3 is one of the worst games released in 2010? and if not why! :)

    Mark! Have you ever been to WA?

    If so, why, and did you enjoy your time there?

    is it only me that the site's being whack for

      I'm gonna go out on a limb here (it is however a very large, thick limb, with a conveniently placed handhold) and say that no, you are not the only one.

      I was worried it was my WORKNET(!!one!) being lame, but I'm glad (or not really) to see that others are having the problems.

        well it seems fine now but yeah before the next page button didn't show and manually navigating to the other pages only yielded a single post each

    Mark?? Mark?? I have questions. Please, will you listen to my pitch, proposal for a new regular kotaku segments?
    Do you give me much needed green light for my project?
    Do not discount me, my idea - like all best ideas - is made from passion and desire.
    I come up with ideas after seeing the kotaku’s most hirsute Seamus Byrne on The Sunrises TV program.
    He is like wild lumberjack man or Clint Eastwoods as High Plains Drifter.
    I call new segment - Seamus: Shirtless.
    It is video diary of Seamus’ shirtless life.
    Do you give green light for:
    Seamus (shirtless) at his log cabin chopping wood and laughing like pirate?
    Seamus (shirtless) playing brutish, rugged, violent video games and laughing like pirate?
    Seamus (shirtless) doing the things to make the internet work and laughing like pirate?
    Seamus (shirtless) hosting bikini party and laughing like pirate?
    I need camera to film Seamus, and car (fastest car to escape paparazzis) so Seamus and I can drive around - without shirts - and laugh like pirates.
    Green lighted????
    The video diary will run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
    On Fridays, Seamus wrestles other popular TV personalities
    No shirts, no shoes!
    I also have idea of Seamus TV series where he lives on sail boat (shirtless) with alligator - like in Miami Vice, but better.
    I am writing TV series now. It is good.
    Green light?

      ...this is the best idea I've ever heard.

      If Mark's not interested, please look me up and I'll see if we can arrange something. The world's had a taste of Seamus, but that wasn't enough to satisfy the craving - we need to get him out there.

      Best. Pitch. Ever. Seamus Byrne - Wild Lumberjack Man.

      I'm sure some people would give their right testicle to see that. But not me. I value mine, thank you very much.

      I would... I would probably watch that.

    Majin and The Forsaken Kingdom... any good?


    Castlevania, Lord of Shadows... any good? (If it helps, I've played none of the Castlevania games).

      I played the demo and it's not terrible, the game mixes a number of elements from different games.

      There is abit of ICO in the relationship you have with the Majin, where you have to co-operate to get through obstacles also help him if he is being attacked.

      Combat is very simple and you only have a few attacks, but you upgrade throughout the game, the Majin also learns new abilities. There are times when you can do special co-operative attacks.

      The main enemies stem from both POP (2008) and ICO, being shadowy/slime creatures, as you die you begin to turn into one of those same things also.

      There is one MAJOR issue that I had and that was the voice acting of the Majin, they have created character that sounds like a special needs infant and it's voice can becoming very annoying.

      I haven't played the full game yet, it's on my unplayed pile, but I do know these things.

      1) There is a demo available (~250MB only)
      2) I picked it up at JB on Monday for $34.
      3) Based on my time with the demo, while the game isn't quite as good as the under appreciated Enslaved, for $34 I am willing to put up with that atrocious Majin voice!


        I haven't played any of the Ico games... so I'd have nothing to compare it to.
        I enjoyed enslaved though, and the idea of cooperative puzzles is similar I guess.

    You didn't tell me if you've ever done a Zumba Fitness routine last week :(

      I doubt it's something he'd admit to, lest someone stake out his house in order to capture incriminating footage because obviously, he'd be pantsless....

    Did capcom have a problem with you sending in those entries late?, also you received my resend right?thanks

    will the 360 get a copy of the mass effect 1 comic? I'd like to try out different storys without having to play 20+ hours of gameplay

      By that I mean the comic at the start of Mass Effect 2 for PS3, will the 360 get that

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