Attorneys-General Currently Discussing The R18

We've currently just received word that the Attorneys-General have just gone in to discuss the R18+ rating for games. Hopefully we'll have word within the hour.



    i'm glad something that has taken months of discussion elsewhere should be sorted out within an hour... bring it on..

    May the God of Video Games Favour Us! :D

    Good luck! Solid Effort by all!

    Kudos to Mark, Junglist, Bajo, Kate Lundy, and everyone else who helped this cause. Let's hope it isn't going to waste.


    Have you prepared the other hand gesture should things not go our way???

      With a giant thumbs up if we win, of course.

        Ohh of course.
        2 thumbs up if we win

          No not a thumbs up, I want a high five.

            AIR 5 DUDE!!!!

    If this doesn't come out in favour of an R18+ rating, I think a protest is in order.

      Signed. Let me know if you need a banner drawn up.

        If we lose this, it'll be cause of the ACL.

        The banner should read:

        "We want democracy, not a Christianocracy!"

        Positive thoughts though... we'll get it.

          Stop lumping all christians in with this crackpot league dude. They seriously don't represent all of us. You think I believe in what these douchebags do? Not a chance. Hell, I believe in evolution for christ sake.

            My apologies... But my point was religion of any form has no place in politics.

            I myself was raised as a Christian, and while I don't have those beliefs any more I do have the utmost respect for anyone with faith, be it Christian, muslim or whatever.

            I won't, however stand by and let those peoples beliefs be forced upon me.

    this is giving em a funny feeling my my gut... :s

    ...wait... no... i just want a sammich...

    I have my Voodoo dolls, pitchfork and flaming torch ready just in case one of them votes wrong or god forbids decides they need more time.

      it would be the end of the world if they decide they need more time, then when they talk again they decide against.

    Great. Now I'm going to be fidgeting until the meeting finishes.

      I hear that...

      *F5*... Damn... *F5*... Damn... *F5*...

    The amount of coverage on this issue on Kotaku has been nothing short of overkill. Just give us this god dammed rating so we can go back to regular articles.

      Well you don't get any celebratory cake then!

      I think Mark has done a stellar job, and whilst they may have seemed like overkill, we really needed the attention drawn to the issue. He kept us well-informed throughout the entire ordeal.

      Here we are now, at the climax of this story, and I couldn't be more proud of what the community has done!

        Mark Has done a fantastic job, the coverage has been great. I’m glad that this issue will stop taking up so much of the Kot AU space.

    Next hour, on KotakAU:

    The meeting is underway. Will there be a decision? Will Christian Porter succumb to the pressure of the WA MPs? Will the Attorneys-General approve an R18+ rating?

    Find out next time, on KotakAU!

      Same Kotaku time, same Kotaku channel!

        Follow me on @Serrels on twitter, and stay tuned to #R18au hashtag, for all the latest.

    Where is the live web stream!?

    I honestly completely forgot this was happening today >___________>

    I'm prepared for any eventuality. Got a bottle of champagne in case of success, and a pitchfork and flaming torch in case of failure.

      You can use the champagne for either result, actually.

        Well, the bottle maybe. I guess drinking the champagne might help work up a bit of the old dutch courage before taking to the streets with the pitchfork, torch and broken bottle.

    WOnder if they will re-release L4D2 to all the poor aussies who got the MA version?

    If it goes through..

      I would assume that would fall into the category of releasing a previously banned game, which they said they would not do?

        Yeah but its a steam game, valve could easily patch stuff and noone would know the difference.

        Sucks to be a console player if that happens though but then again the GTA4 console patch de-censored the australian version so never say never

        Maybe Valve could release L4D2:Special Edition which would in effect be a new release that has to be submitted to the classification board?

      They already stated that priority is given to getting the R18+ rating and moving forward & that they had little to no interest in re-visiting old games.

      Basically L4D2 would fit into "old games" and is unlikely to be reclassified.

      I just encourage all aussie players to buy a store copy from the UK or if your lucky enough to know someone in the UK get them to gift you a UK copy over steam.

    I am so fidgety right now waiting for the result.

    According to the SMH, the Australian Christian Lobby gets to have their say in person during this meeting of the Attorneys-General. Firstly, why the hell?! Secondly, there goes my hope of this getting passed- they'll be able to influence at least one AG I'm sure and one is all it takes.


      Just read it. It makes no sense that religion should have a say in this.

      ?! Why ?! There is nothing left for public groups left to discuss. This should now be in the hands of the AG's exclusively.

      Smells of corruption to me...

      The ACL aren't the only ones getting a say. "The views of the CEO of the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association Ron Curry, three professors, two religious groups - the Australian Catholic Media Council's Peter Ingham and the Australian Christian Lobby's Jim Wallace - and that of the director of the Classification Board, Donald McDonald, will also be heard at the briefing today"

      You'd think that the ACL are probalby the only one of that group opposed, however. Assuming the Catholic Media Council are in agreement with the Catholic Bishops who support the R18+.

      Well, hold on. It does say:
      "The views of the CEO of the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association Ron Curry, three professors, two religious groups - the Australian Catholic Media Council's Peter Ingham and the Australian Christian Lobby's Jim Wallace - and that of the director of the Classification Board, Donald McDonald, will also be heard at the briefing today". In all the interviews I've seen with Ron Curry in them, he's always come off as calm, logical, and very well spoken. We're in safe hands.

      ...Also, that guy's name is Donald McDonald.
      Wow. Just... yeah.

        [email protected] Donald McDonald
        I noticed that too. His parents are just assholes.

          I actually know two people called Donald MacDonald.

            I know 3... but it probably doesn't count when one is named after his father.

            I also know an Angus "Rabby" MacGreggor-Campbell... I'm trying to get him to learn the pipes, just to complete the stereotype.

              Hahaha! Why is his nickname "Rabby"!?

                His old man wanted to call him Rob-Roy, his mum wanted to call him Robbie (Robbie Burns)... they settled on Angus, but nicknamed him Robbie. The Scots of Robbie is Rabbie... so.

                  I've never heard anyone refer to him as Robbie Burns. Robert or Rabbie.

      yeah the ACL is against it yet the Catholic Archbishop (one of the most old school strict religions) is supporting R18+ rating to (and I quote) "help provide better guidance for parents" so if one fairly hardline religion recognises the validity of having an R18+ rating how can these other whackos be against it ?

    Im at work atm, and im just sitting at this computer waiting on this answer! Wow im freaking out here, we need to win this!!!!

    Oh my, oh my, oh my, the nerves are getting to me!

    How am I supposed to concentrate on my work today?

    If this rating doesn't go through, the internet will be brought to its knees by the overuse of Picard facepalms.

      Wishing for a like button SO HARD right now

      Hopefully the combined force of all our simulataneous facepalms will dislodge Australia from the Earth's crust and we can float towards a country with an R Rating.

    Get ready to DDOS someone since that seems to be all the rage nowadays. (I kid, don't assasinate me)

    I'm getting worried this is taking so long. After all the public consultation, petitions, opinion polls, surveys etc this should be the easiest decision they'll make all day. I hope the fact it's dragging on so long is because of all the different people they've got going in there to have their say rather than because there's one particular Attorney General holding out against logic and public opinion.


    cmon ie got work at 12:30 and i want to see how this plays out

    no decision yet?


      It is the government afterall, they are never quick to do anything, except avoiding doing anything.

      I think the Attorney General's website is in meltdown.

      All those eager gamers wanting the results ;-)

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