Aussie Golden Joysticks: Results Are In

It's award season for video games, which gives you guys plenty of opportunites to point and get angry as several outlets announce their games of the year. We announced ours last week, but now Future Australia (home to OXM, ONM and PSM3) has announced their reader voted choices.

And the winners are...

Xbox 360 Game of the Year 2010: Winner – Mass Effect 2 (Electronic Arts) Nintendo Game of the Year 2010: Winner – Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo) PlayStation Game of the Year 2010: Winner – Uncharted 2 (Sony Computer Entertainment) Handheld Game of the Year 2010: Winner – Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (Mindscape) Online Game of the Year 2010: Winner – Limbo (Microsoft) Games Retailer of the Year 2010: Winner - JB Hi-Fi

Worth bearing in mind that Future Australia run their choices from Sept to Sept, meaning that games from late 2009 were eligible.


    RDR didn't win? Looks like Future Media readers have better taste.

    Mass Effect 2 earned it.

      Somebody's taste is better simply because it coincides with yours? Cool logic, bro.

      I thought Red Dead was a much better game than Mass Effect 2 - doesn't mean that I think you have worse taste than me. Just different.

        If I had my way Alan Wake would be up there. Flawed masterpiece, with atmosphere so thick you can see it. Maybe not a GOTY for most but it deserves some recognition.

        I just really can't understand RDR cleansweeping most awards. I was pumped for that game, was keen for a badass western. Instead I got a pansy protagonist who gets bossed around by every NPC in the game instead of strongarming them into doing what he wants.

        Seriously, so many errands for the necro and the old man and in return you get a damn average fort assault.

        I'm gonna give it another go, but i gave up all hope after i laid a hogtied woman on the train tracks and she gets caught in the cowcatcher... stopping the damn train.

        Also, the multi is full of asshats who think free-roam is death match and swarm camp and playing like a badass outlaw is utterly pointless because marston still acts like a goody goody in the missions.

          hey, not trying to convince you that you'd enjoy Red Dead if you gave it a go. Just saying, tastes are subjective. Nobody's taste is bad just cause it's different.


      I highly doubt any of the official magazines will give GOTY to a game which can be played on a rival console. But surprised that ME2 got it from Xbox.

    I walked into a couple of local JB stores yesterday for the first time in about 6 months looking to buy something (usually I buy online from them, but I wanted this now) and I wasn't impressed.

    I'm not really sure who else deserves retailer of the year (DSE were a lot more helpful), but going off my recent experience it's not JB Hi-Fi...

      Perhaps it was a price thing? JB have pretty much consistently been the cheapest retailer for new titles (at least in my experience) - even if their service isn't awesome.

      Quite frankly, I don't think anyone deserves to win. The only reason I go to my local EB is because I'm friends with staff and I normally just talk to them; All my experiences at stores have been bad. If (any other)EB/Dick Smith/Harvey Norman isn't condescending/overpriced/trying to force a sale on you, you have stoners at GAME who will adamantly argue that the SIXAXIS never existed, or customer service reps at JB who claim Arkham Asylum is a Xbox exclusive (under the logic of 'If I can't see it in the PS3 aisle, it means it's not on PS3'. *sigh*. /facepalm)

      This is pretty much why I never go to stores anymore. Ridiculous customer service + over priced goods = giant waste of time. Also why I just get everything off the internet, so much cheaper, and no idiots to deal with.

        Yeah I agree pretty much everything NotoriousR said. I will say though, in my experience BIG W usually has pretty cheap prices on new releases compared to other retailers and sometimes you can pick up a pretty cheap deal here and there.. So do whatever you want with that bit of info.

        DSE is horrible and the prices are way too high.

        EB Games is the same with regards to prices. They do price match but why bother screwing around when you can go to the other retailer and not have to wait and get the item matched?

        Kmart sometmes has good deals like Big W but I think Big W is better.

        Myer... won't even bother explaining why they suck.

        And so on.

          ahh but when they have such prices normally they don't release the product till the start of thier sale cycle as opposed to on the release date

          ALL of this discussion is completely subjective. For example, my only shopping experience at Myer was brilliant- I got a PS3 $50 cheaper than anywhere else, and the guy who sold it to me knew about games- we had a good chat about Black Ops and why he thought MW2 was better.

      as alan and notorious pointed out

      it's price and customer service.

      JB has the best prices as they aren't looking for the resale in a second hand sale(so they should get props for more money to the developer)

      otherwise they all have terrible customer service, all the guys in EB are trying to act like there in sale's so they can go work somewhere else because they certainly aren't gamer's

      GAME generally seems to have as said the moronic stoners.

      Though he pointed out that in JB the rep though B:AA was 360 exclusive, i must point out that asking anyone in JB that isn't specific to a department is pointless, kinda like asking the person at the front booth at BigW what the specs of there TV's are.

      If you work in a games store and not everyone knows what there talking about you have an issue if you go to a department store and they don't know what there talking about assume that they were hired for a different section.

        JB!? Seriously!? *facepalm* Never saw that coming.

        Completely surprised by the whole "EB guys have no idea what they're doing" take. Every time I've gone in they've been champions with their customer service, very knowledgeable.

        I reckon that store clerks have no idea regarding games because they're just retail jockeys.

        The REAL gamers are at home, you know... Pwning, etc :P

    JB HiFi is pretty much the only retailer I would have voted for in that category (Even though I buy online more often than not these days).

    I don't really care whether or not the staff can help me. 99% of the time I know exactly what I want before entering the store and don't want/need any help. :P

    Needs more PC love....

    Other then that i was glad to see ME2 get the 360 award. I think many GOTY lists are going to alternate between Red Dead and ME2. I also think that nintendo's games are being way underrepresented in the GOTY categories - especially Super Mario Galaxy 2 - I mean come on - according to metacritic it is one of the top three games ever made and it is failing to even get nominated on many GOTY lists?

    Mass Effect 2 was a pretty game and was a great technical achievement...

    But it just lacked something the first one had, this one felt too linear...any random planet you came across with a Side Mission had a linear map and pretty much only 1 way to complete it.

    It felt more like TPS with conversations than an RPG...was a let down for me.

    Civ 5/New Vegas were my choices. Even though NV was prone to being buggy....I still got way more enjoyment out of it and a better overall experience. AC:Brotherhood was up there as well.

    Oh well, its all about personal taste these days, not everyone is going to agree.

    Why does everyone always hate on GAME... they arnt that bad and from what i know not stoners either... (mostly)

    All the retail stores here are Overpriced. GAME and Eb Games are seriously the worst. Even the staff are retards who know little or nothing about games, and even if they do its just the really major titles or the sports stuff.

    I was walking past an EBGames yesterday and they were having their end of year clearance sale...with games from last year being sold at 50-60 THAT a clearance price?

    To all the aussie guys here, where do you buy your games from...I mean where exactly online? I could use some good online shopping sites for games...these retail stores are out to rob us all. is what I usually use.

      You can get some pretty decent discounts, especially if the game is a little older (as opposed to retailers still selling multiple-year old games for full price -__-).

        I don't doubt some people haven't had what they consider a good experience at JB but no two JB's or their staff are the same.

        I work for JB. I don't necessarily like the management style or the occasional decision they make but to base your dislike on one bad experience doesn't seem fair.

        Come in to my JB and hopefully I could change your mind.
        I've been gaming since Space Invaders was a coin-op.
        Ask me about a game and I've probably played it or have read as many reviews as I can find on it.
        If I don't know it I won't pretend I have and I will try to find some information on it for you as it's a game you're interested in.

        When you come into my section I want to help you get what you want and the best deal for you, given current pricing and company policies.

        Don't know what console you want? I will not try and sell you the most expensive item. I will ask who will be playing it. Will you want to game online? How many people will want to play? Do you have a budget? Again: I want what's best for you.

        If I suggest an add-on i.e. another controller, it's because you've expressed an interest in one. The reason I've suggested an HDMI cable is because no console currently comes with a hi-def cable and you're more than likely going to be connecting it to a hi-def TV. And, no, I do not suggest a HDMI cable for a Wii. When I show you the HDMI cable it's the cheapest in the store as there is no discernible difference between the $40 and the $150 over in the AV section.

        Don't know which DS you want for you 7 year old daughter, your 75 year old grandmother? I'll explain the difference between them and help you decide.

        For all those have had an unpleasant experience there are plenty of staff around who are there for you, the gamers.


      I pretty much exclusively use . Sometimes use but for some reason they only seem to sometimes take VAT off which is really dodgy so I try to avoid them...

    I've had some great service at JB, and at EB games. But at the same time I've had terrible service. A guy who knew everything about TV's once tried to sell me a gold plated optical cable, and when I specified the optical part and he still insisted gold plated was the best he couldn't work out why I burst out laughing.

    That being said, sometimes bad service is the result of a bad customer who the staff don't want to tell to shut up and go away. Like the guy who doesn't want to buy something but wants to talk for hours about why he is the best ever at Halo. You can see the staff try to get away, try to serve the customer with their wallet out and a game in hand.

    The thing is if you get Bad Service and you don't say something, your not helping the problem. An E-Mail to store management will not be ignored. And if Store at Location X is consistently crap don't go there.

    My Local JB and EB seem to be pretty decent, except EB criticise me for not trading in my games. I admit I buy few games as new release and when I buy a game I intend to keep it.

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