Aussie Nintendo Store: CAVE STORY... Only Kidding!

It may be heating up in Australia, but that hasn't stopped Nintendo having a laugh because indeed hell hath frozen over. That's what I had written originally, but now I've had to change it. So why had hell frozen over? Well we were set to get two Virtual Console games this week, they even sent a press release and everything. But alas, as well as missing out on the World Cup, we miss out on Magical Drop II. Never the less, let's have a look at what we did get.


Sneezies (Chillingo, 500 points) - Not much is know about this one as of yet, but it's from the creators of Angry Birds on the iPhone. It can't be that bad, right? Drop sneezing powder onto the Sneezies and watch themselves burst out of their bubbles. Get the best chain reaction to win. There's even online leaderboards.

WiiWare Demo

Max and the Magic Marker


Tetris Party Live (Tetris Online Inc., 800 points) - The smaller cousin of Tetris Party Deluxe, it may not have 12 modes like the retail one but it's still got your classic stacking action. There's online included in this one for the 800 points as well but it's missing download play.

Rocks N' Rockets (Tik Games LLC, 500pts) – A newly announced one so I have only to go what it says on the press release and that it sounds like Missile Command.

Virtual Console

Karnov's Revent (NeoGeo, 900 Points) - A Classic Data East fighting game for the NeoGeo, apparently if you fight well enough in this one you can take on a bull. Yes, the animal.

If this update couldn't get any better, and well it could, rest assured as next week it's Cave Story time. No kidding, it's finally here.


    I've been playing Cave Story on the DSi. It has its charm but I hope people aren't getting too hyped about its release next week.

    Is there any LEGITIMATE reason that Nintendo are fucking us with their online distribution?
    Even our Club Nintendo incentives are worse than the rest of the world's.
    We pay MORE for their games than the rest of the world and get offered less for our loyalty.

    Does my head in.

      Yes there is, it's primarily to do with our harsh censorship procedures. Which for some reason someone decided they don't apply to iDevice apps, but "do" to dsiware.

        Ever seen the Xbox marketplace? There's very little we're lacking there compared to the rest of the world.
        I guarantee you censorship laws have nothing to do with it.

      Nintendo Europe control what we get every week. *shrug*

      agree 100%

    still no shantae for dsiware? seems like nintendo dislikes good games. oh well, at least there's cave story coming soon.

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