Aussie Nintendo Store: Now with more Cave Story

Today is a huge day for video game fans and, well, Australia. Not only do we find out the verdict of the R18+ Rating but we get the glory that is Cave Story for WiiWare. Both the R18+ and Cave Story have nearly taken as long to come to fruition as each other. Well almost.

Let's begin...


Cave Story (1000 Points, Nicalis, Demo Available) - It took longer then we would have liked but the precious game that is Cave Story is finally here! We get the completely original indie game for the cheaper price of 1000 points (US paid 1200) and still get the same great game.

The WiiWare version comes with upgraded music and graphics, new gameplay modes and all the bug fixes that the US version was missing.

This brand new recreation of the classic PC game ticks all the boxes and is possibly the best WiiWare game out there. The developers, Nicalis, have remained true to the original developer, Pixel, and have even got his help and support on the development of the update. Be sure to check out the demo to see what all the crying has been about.

Virtual Console

Super Bonk (900 Points, Hudson, SNES) - Bonk is back, and ready for more bonking. Well, perhaps not. However it is probably the best classic platformer starring a large-headed caveman! Never played too much of the Bonk games myself, so I'll let you tell me if it's worth a bonk, err look!


None for Aussies this week!

So, after all is said and done, who is picking up Cave Story?


    I know this is kinda random, but I love this article. I know it doesn't get much love on the comments side, but I've used it a fair few times.

    So to whoever writes this article, Kudos for being a legend! :D

      agreed, I await this article with anticipation every week. It's great for allowing me to skip logging into my ds to check what's available.

        Glad I can help guys, thanks for the kudos <3

        Maybe I'll have to more controversial to get more comments? :P

    I think I'll grab it.
    And hey there, Vooks. I went to school with your brother.

    Hooray for Cave Story!

    Just gotten it this morning. Finally, after so long!

    Hurrah! It's about time Nintendo Australia!

    Now, time to put my money where my mouth, or rather, my Wii points, is... or, are. Or, y'know.

    Super Bonk is awful. Don't expect the same kind of quality as Bonk's Adventure or even Bonk's Revenge.

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