Australia: Donkey Kong's Country

Earlier today we showed an early pic of a giant pile of bananas in the middle of Circular Quay, but now Nintendo, sensing the gig is up in this masterful piece of 'guerilla marketing', has released some new photos. Apparently Donkey Kong has now 'found' his stash.

“We are so relieved the stash of bananas has been found. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong have been hunting all over Australia for their stolen bananas!” said Nintendo spokesperson Heather Murphy.

If you're in the vicinity, you can actually head down to the banana pile and take some for yourself - free of charge.

Nintendo also took part in another piece of clever marketing, arranging to have a giant bite taken out of the iconic giant banana at Coffs Harbor.

We have to tip our hat to Nintendo (not that we're actually wearing a hat), this is one of the best publicity stunts we've seen in a while. It also helps that it's in aid of one of the best Nintendo platformers around Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Plus - free bananas? How can we lose?

More pics below.


    Picked up DKCR today, waiting for the misses to get home for some co-op fun..... we might even play the game! Yuk Yuk Yuk

    PLEASE I NEED SOME OF THESE BANANAS! They look amazing. I've been asking someone to bring me some all day :(

    Now I'm starting to see why ordering from ozgameshop isn't that great... you have to wait :'(

    I was wondering what the hell happened to The Big Banana. I'd have never guessed it was a publicity stunt by Nintendo.

    You know, I don't know how they stacked it, but I like to think that if you went down and got one, there'd always be the risk that if you took a structure support banana, you'd be crushed to death by a wave of bananas collapsing upon you.

      Get a friend to film it, ala Indiana Jones.

      Unfortunately it was just a steel frame surrounded by a single layer of banana bunches. They did have a cool giant inflatable projector screen set up when I went past (although nothing was playing on it at the time)

        whoops can you please remove the signature from that post please Mark >_<

    DKCR co-op is super awesome fun. It's so close to the original DKCR games, but it improves upon it. And it looks and sounds gorgeous.

    I know this is such a kill-joy comment, but I really hate it when real food is 'wasted' on this kind of thing. Wouldn't it be a cooler publicity stunt to see Nintendo donate piles of bananas to people who are actually hungry instead of leaving them on the city sidewalk for random people to take? I don't want to sound all bent out of shape, you know, I get the joke and its all in good fun. Just irks me when food is used for this kind of thing.

    Ohh, so that's what the Big Banana was all about. I live nearby, so I had no idea what was going on when I drove past.

    That's pretty awesome then. :D

    omg cracks, you make me want this game

    nintendo = best

    Wonder who had to eat the bananas at the bottom of the pile... eeesshhh

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