Axe Cop: Mostly Inspired By Video Games

Chances are you've heard of Axe Cop, the hilarious web comic written by a six year old and illustrated by his 29 year old brother. Set in a universe where a cop can have a pet T-Rex named Wexter and shoot apples from his hands, we often found ourselves wondering where he got his inspiration from. Turns out he gets most of his ideas from video games!

"His main influences are cartoons like Ben 10 and Sonic, and video games," claimed co-creator and older brother Ethan Nicholle. "He LOVES video games and I think that is how Axe Cop is so violent. Every video game is a massacre. Even Mario Brothers - you are smashing sentient mushrooms, tearing turtles from their shells and stomping their wings off, smashing their naked bodies. In games, you don't send bad guys to counseling, you kill them and move on. Axe Cop is very much based on the world of video games, he doesn't sit there and grapple with the morality of using a gun like Bat Man. He'd chop the joker's head off and punt it across Gotham and not think twice about it. People get worried that Malachai has this obsession with killing, but when he says "kill" he means in the same sense as when Mario "kills" King Koopa. That's one reason there is never a blood bath in Axe Cop, because that's not how Malachai thinks. When bad guys die in his world, guts don't pop out... points do."

If you haven't taken the time to check out Axe Cop, we thoroughly recommend you do, even if you aren't a fan of webcomics. If you're feeling nostalgic for a time when your imagination was boundless and you hunted Velocipraptors in your backyard armed with nothing but a water pistol and a broken stick, then Axe Cop is for you. It's funny, surreal and sometimes even a little heartwarming.

Interview: Ethan Nicholle on AXE COP [iFanboy]


    "When bad guys die in his world, guts don’t pop out… points do."

    Reminds me of Scott Pilgrim, with enemies exploding into coins when they're defeated.

    Axe Cop is a crazy, ridiculous comic. But it's pretty amazing thanks to the combination of the hectic mind of a 6 year old and the excellent drawing skills of his much older brother. Def worth checking out if you haven't seen it before.

    Wait are they half brothers? Or the parents waited 24 years for another?

    Never mind, the comic is amazing.

      I was wondering the same thing. That's one heck of a difference.

    Didn't like it :|

      Ok then thanks for commenting.

    When i was a kid i used to write dragonball z cartoons for fun. Now if i try to write something im too critical of myself and never get anything done!

    Don't forget it's getting an actual book printed by Dark Horse!

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