Back To The Future Sets Coordinates For Dec. 22

Telltale Games' episodic video game take on Back to the Future fires up the Mr. Fusion on December 22 on PC and Mac. But it from Telltale Games and get a special DVD when the first season wraps up.


    When this baby hits on December 22, you're gonna see some serious shit!

      Comment made my day. Can't think of anything myself :( Can't wait for the 22nd, less than a week until we get to continue the BTTF story!

    Done! Though the problem with TellTale's 'pre-order and get the DVD at the end' model is that the international shipping makes the DVD far from free. :( For that reason I've never claimed mine from ToMI

      Ah but that's what the holiday sales are for!
      By the time the DVDs are available there is usually enough in the way of merchandise or other upcoming titles to cover the free shipping discount - like in their current holiday rotation where you could combine one of the various day-by-day sales (like 50% off everything except BttF and Poker Night) with the 'free shipping for orders over $50'

      ..yeah you're right.. free DVDs are never free after factoring in the figurines and posters and art cards :p

        haha, yes that was what I planned with the ToMI DVD, except the only merchandise I really wanted was a poster and posters are not included in those deals :P

    Awesome, can't wait till the 22nd.
    Even more awesome is i just remembered i did that deal to get the first episode free on PC through Telltale's website a couple months back :D. From the looks of the videos so far, that was a very worthwhile decision.

    December 22nd, 2010
    12:01 AM

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