Back To The Future Trailer Will Have Emotions Running At 88mph

This is our first look at Telltale's upcoming Back to the Future series of adventure games. If you enjoyed any of the three films, even in the slightest, you must watch this clip.

Not for how Telltale have seemingly captured the spirit of the films or the time. Or for how the super-stylised versions of the trilogy's characters actually look pretty good in motion on a computer monitor.

No, watch it for the guy doing the voice for lead character Marty McFly. You would swear that was Michael J Fox, the actor who played Marty in the original films, reprising his role, but no. It's not. It's some kid, called A.J. Locascio, who is a practical nobody, but who will henceforth be known as the guy who can sound exactly like Michael J Fox.

Telltale, if you ever decide to do a Family Ties series of episodic adventure games, you've found your guy!


    looks like it'll be great

    This is poo.

    I would have liked a game based entirely off the Part 2 script.
    Imagine going to the future, finding Griff, playing wild gunman, Hover Boarding around court house town, Picking up jennifer from Martys future home, exploring Biffs corrupt Hill Valley 1985, meeting with strictland, exploring the Clock Tower now Casino, finding George McFlys grave, meeting up with Doc, chased by Biffs gang throughout the Casino hotel, running around the rooftops, jumping off the roof onto the delorean, going back to 1955 to tracck down old biff, finding the sports almanac, hiding in biffs car on the way to the dance, saving the 'other marty' whos on stage playing johnny be good, running off with the almanac, getting kicked by biff, chasing him in on his car with the hover board, getting the book, car chase through the tunnel, saved by Doc, lighting the almanac on fire, changing history, and meeting up with Docs 1955 counterpart.

    Why couldnt they have done that as the game?

      Because the folks who made this game are fortunately, not stupid, and know much better than to tamper or make a mockery of what fans hold near dear.

      Gaming is about discovering and creating different results and experiences each time you play. It'd be pretty pointless and a waste of money to buy what is essentially 'Back to the Future' again with contrived gameplay sequences that likely didn't exist the films, or make what did exist cosmetically superfluous, therefore ruining many childhood memories, that would unravel the very fabric of the space-time continuum and destroy the entire universe.

    Pretty darn good. Still a bit of a shame that Fox didn't reprise his role though.

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