Backbreaker 2's Vengeance Is A Dish Served Hot

Backbreaker's addictive Tackle Alley minigame put you on the field as a ballcarrier juking and spinning his way through 100-yard touchdown runs. Backbreaker 2: Vengeance puts you in the game on defence, blasting those showboats out of the water.

Backbreaker 2: Vengeance, the iPhone (and iPod touch)-only sequel to Backbreaker: Tackle Alley, hit the iTunes store last week. In it you get more moves on offence and a "super showboat" move to rack up even higher scores. On defence, all of those moves are available to you save showboat; instead you're going to hunt down the opposing runner and clean his transmission. As you progress through the game you unlock teams for use and additional moves, although the full set becomes available to you early in the game.

One note here, there's no game audio, just my narration, because of a technical difficulty on my end (basically, I'm in the stone age filming with a tape-based mini-camcorder, and it has a squeaky gear that makes everything sound like your roommate having sex. You should see my newborn cousin's christening video, it's awesome.) I'm trying to get that fixed. But if you've played Backbreaker on the PS3 or the Xbox 360, the sounds (including in the menu) are consistent with that game's look and feel and the roar of the crowd is top notch.


    Yay, backbreaker news again! I already got this last week and have completed both the tackle alley and vengence games. It is actually quite good and the graphics are a big step up also. It's not infinity blade but heaps better than the original.

    If you enjoyed the first one, then this is worth it. Unfortunately, this is at the $4 mark which is steep considering the $1.19 of the first which made it so popular. Keep an eye out for a price drop and pick it up when you can.

    But it is such a nice feeling tackling someone for the first time. After running away for so long, it is nice to fight back.

      News just in: FatShady plays a game that isn't Trails HD.

        Extra Extra, Mark has completely missed my fanboyism regarding the launch of Backbreaker for the 360 and as a result, is shocked by my comments.

        I was spamming this site sooo much before that game came out. It was before your time but the regulars will back me up. I went a little crazy as i was following the dev since 2007!

          Yep, you sure were!
          And it made my man parts tingle!! The demo was great IMO, and i have been trying to find a new copy, alas i can't find it on shelves anymore.. and the one copy i have found has been over $70 at eb :s

          Stupid ozgameshop having no backbreaker...

            ozgameshop will not get them as BB was a GAME exclusive in the UK.

            As for Aussie prices, JB was selling it a month ago for $44.

            If i see a cheap one, I'll let you know. What would your entry price be?

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