Batman: Arkham City Gets A Little More Strange

The debut trailer for Batman: Arkham City just aired at the 2010 Video Game Awards. Batman's nemesis this go around will be Dr. Hugo Strange, who knows the Dark Knight's darkest secret.


    Is it just me? Or did the voice of The Batman sound kinda stupid? The bit where he holds the guy over the edge of the building and asks him, politely, 'who sent you?'. It sounded awful. It sounded like a wimp pretending to be manly. That's not what The Batman sounds like to me. The Batman is meant to sound like a gravel-throated badass without even trying.

    Maybe I'm just being picky. But voice acting is pretty damn important to me in games like this.

      Courtney, if you'd played the last game you would know who the voice actor is... Classic WB Batman Animated glory right there. He fits the bill.

      It happens in the movies aswell don't worry!

      Actually that gravel throat thing is new,
      popularized by the Christian Bale Batman.

      I've never heard him having a raspy voice before that. Just like Arkham Asylum's Joker was different from the Dark Knight's Joker, I reckon the game sticks more to the original than the movies.

        Didn't sound raspy? Just sounded like Batman (Kevin Conroy I believe) was a bit strained holding him up on armed?

      didn't sound even mildly polite or wimpy to me. reminded me of psycho superman's voice in the DC Universe trailer.

    And Hugo Strange sounds like Saruman?

    That was an utterly amazing looking cinematic... the details on the faces and in the hair were just astonishing!

    What studio did the cinematic? Anyone know?

      My guess is that it was probably Blur Studios. They do most of the cinematic trailers for games. Though it could be an in-house cinematic.


    That isn't Christopher Lee voicing Hugo. The voice just doesn't have that dark tone to it that is distinct of Mr.Lee's.

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