Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Goes To Vietnam For Christmas

December will be very generous to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 players, as EA and developer DICE will release all-new ways to play the excellent first-person shooter, including the promised tour of duty in Vietnam.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2's "VIP Map Pack 7" will kick off December (tomorrow!) with the release of four new maps: Oasis, Harvest Day, Cold War and Heavy Metal, maps lifted from the original Bad Company and the sequel's single-player campaign.

Later in the month, December 21 specifically, the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam expansion arrives. Actually, for PC gamers it arrives earlier on December 18. It has flamethrowers!


    I've stopped playing BFBC2 in April. I should get back into it again by buying the ultimate edition and getting myself some MS points for vietnam.

    Can't wait for this, the last couple of map packs just haven't been enough to spark my interest in the game again, I think this might just do it :)

    Pity there is no SP content, that would have been brilliant

    I'm just about done with Black Ops and have been itching to get back into some more tactical battlefield action. Looks like this is all the impetus I needed. I'll be loading her up ASAP!

    I stopped playing because of Reach and Black Ops (Nazi Zombies FTW!) I think this will reignite the passion for this amazing game.

    I stopped playing because the lag seemed to be getting progressively worse to the point where it was just too hard to find a playable game. Or maybe that's just me.

    Either way, I wouldn't be paying money for new maps until I was confident that I could actually play them lag-free.

      Dude, that's my problem as well. On Xbox Live about 70% of games are just so laggy they're near un-playable.

    Excuse me PC release before console?! What is this blasphemy!!

    I guess this explains the 2.5gb Steam update... I was thinking 2.5gb just for gun balance was a bit extreme..

    Anyone know when the actual maps unlock? Time +8-10 GMT? or WST?

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