Black Ops Has Probably Already Outsold Your Favourite Video Game

Call of Duty: Black Ops was released a month ago today. In that time, it has already sold more copies in the USA than games like Ocarina of Time, Super Mario Kart and Halo 3.

Looking for specifics? That's 8.4 million copies sold. In just the United States. Of course, it helps that the game was released across Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii and DS, but still. It's impressive!

Those numbers don't just put the game ahead of the lifetime American sales of the three titles outlined above, but also those of other classics like Grand Theft Auto III, Tomb Raider and Metal Gear Solid.


    I don't understand why this game has sold so many copies. I rented it and it was a good game but it wasn't really any different to the Call of Dutys that came before it. It didn't really have any unique feature that would warrent this many purchases.

      Not saying any of the COD games are bad, but I'm sure more than a few sales came straight off the bandwagon.

      My brother (who barely ever plays any games) wanted to buy this game just because "everyone is talking about it".

      "it wasn’t really any different to the Call of Dutys that came before it"

      Which is exactly why it sold so well. Idiots like to play the same thing over and over again.

        Do you watch tv series?

        Same thing, people like to return to a familar space but with new things to do/watch

        Thus this has done well. Those developers just got some CRAZY awesome bonuses comming :)

        Dont really appreciate being called an idiot just because i played COD games, i agree that some people buy it for reasons that are idiotic but there are a lot who buy it simply because its a fun game

          Play a game designed for idiots, get called an idiot.

        It's called the "Pokemon Effect." Hell, it's the same reason JRPGs still sell millions of copies despite 0 innovation in the last 15 years. People don't like to move outside their comfort zone, hence play the same shit.

        Why does this make them idiots? You are an idiot.

      I play COD4 occassionally - but in my Xbox Live travels I have come accross people who play only COD games to the exclusion of everything else - I don't understand it - but maybe that style of running and gunning just does it for them - they are well made games, but the sequels would have to do something pretty special for me to stump up for them - I like some variety in my game line up

      Because CoD has passed that threshold where it's no longer "Just a game" and now, more of an experience. It's like Avatar, which as big and bombastic as it was, no-one expected it to make THAT much money. It's just something you get into to keep up.

      Black Ops was a decent game, I played it for 3 days, had enough, traded it back to EBGames. If anything, Bad Company 2 provided the better 'modern warfare' game for me. Black Ops wasn't even in my Top 10 for the year. It's merely a polished-as-hell FPS.

      Shows how little commercial success speaks about quality. If Activision pumped out half a dozen half-baked CoDs in 2011, I guarantee each would make about this much money. And it's only after about the 5th one people become apathetic (aka Guitar Hero/Tony Hawk). But by that time, Bobby Kotick's already laughing all the way to the bank.

      I LOVE the game...... it's the multiplayer!!!
      It's AWESOME!!... my son and i play on seperate consoles in the same game and it's so competitive.... we have so much fun... always a laugh when he gets the final kill of me in the kill cam ... I hear him paying me out over the headset... very funny stuff, and a good way to bond with your rebelious teenager kids.

    "Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii and DS"

    I don't think you can call it the same game when it's across such varying platforms. I remember they did this with The Force Unleashed as well; the xbox, ps and PC all get the same game. Maybe you can make a low res version for the wii, but the controls at the least will be vastly different not to mention plenty of other ways I'm sure it was cut down. Then the DS, well clearly a game on the DS is going to be vastly different than a game on the xbox or playstation.

    I don't think games that do this should be grouped together like this. Would you apply the same review score to all of the titles? You might as well be comparing Blackops and the original Call of Duty titles.

    Then shouldn't OoT's sales be counted across N64, GCN (both appearances), and Virtual Console? :P

    Thats why you buy it

    Black Ops has only just scratched the surface on my all-time favorite, Super Mario Bros, and that's with sales cobbled together from every supported system.

    Sorry mate, my 40mil comes from one system.

      Sorry mate, your fave was bundled with near every NES/Famicom/whatever ever sold ;)

      Over 25 years. Not 1 month.

        It might not be over one month, but Nintendo definitely hasn't been selling the NES for 25 years.

        I sincerely have to doubt any COD will ever reach those kinds of numbers, even if it were a tie-in. Especially not on a single system.

      Doesnt count. Mario bros was given away with the original NES. If you can count only the copies sold at retail though then we'll be onto something...

        I'd say Mario Bros would still be above Black Ops. Especially if you count the hundreds of re-releases over the years...

    Why all the hate?

    It seems like CoD is one of the most popular games of our time. It seems a shame to miss out on it. That is why I got Black Ops (also because I had a spare Target voucher lying around and finally got Wireless internet in my house)

    It doesn't seem too different from most FPS's (and I also suck majorly online because I don't have years of experience playing online FPS) but it's still funish, and I can understand why people buy it.

      It's not hate, most people here have played it and acknowledged it for a "fun-dumb" shooter. It's the fact that it outsold almost every game ever, when in all respects it should not given the rich experiences less popular games offer. You can argue it's a very polished game that what it does, does good. But it's a little disheartening when it is the poster-boy of your favourite medium.

    I also completely don't understand. It's not that I don't like COD. I just get more enjoyment out of your average $10 XBLA game than I do from a big, blustering $110 Shooter. The math just doesn't add up.

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