Burger King Generous On Food, Xbox Japan Cheap On Kinects

For those who bought Whopper meals, Burger King and Microsoft gave away a Kinect every 15 minutes in America until the motion sensor launched late last month. That's over 1500 Kinects! In Japan, 20 Kinects will be given out.


The catch here is that customers must order a BK Party Set that includes a Holiday Chicken Salad, BK Tenders, BK Cheese Bits, onion rings (mmm, onion rings) and a NY Pizza Burger. The price of all this food? ¥2980 or about $36. That's right, $36 to enter a draw for one of 20 Kinects.

The BK Party Set must be ordered and is intended for holiday and end-of-year gatherings - not daily consumption! And winning a Kinect is likely to be an afterthought for most.

Contest ends on December 19. Heartburn lasts much longer.

BURGER KING:バーガーキング [Burger King via Siliconera]


    Mmmm. Onion Rigns.

    20 isn't that bad. Hell, that's probably one for every Japanese 360 owner, with a few spares left over :P

    helllooooo clogged arteries!

    I don't think I would spend $36 on a 1/20 chance... i think Microsoft is probably missing out on a good opportunity to get more Kinects into japanese households by not having a giveaway amount of at least a reasonably large three digit number. Heh why not have the amount be 360? XD

    Hmmm though poses the hypothetical question; if i entered and won, but didn't have a Xbox 360 would I buy one so I can use the thing I won? or would I give it to a friend who already has one?

    I'd like to see the Kinect do well in Japan, well at least well enough to get the Japanese game developers interested as I'd like to see the games they come up with for it.

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