Call Of Duty Guy Overpays For Five Games, Minecraft Guy Quadruples That

It was impressive when Robert Bowling, creative strategist for Call of Duty studio Infinity Ward paid $US500 for a batch of indie games that only cost $US500. Then Notch, maker of Minecraft stepped up, with $US2000.

These guys and a few others are paying lots of money for the Humble Indie Bundle 2, which went on sale yesterday. The bundle is the second offering of indie games being offered to gamers for any price they want to pay. People can name their price and direct their payment in different proportions to the games' developers and various charities.

The games in the second bundle are: Braid, Machinarium, Osmos, Cortex Command and Revenge of the Titans (pictured up top).

Bowling and Notch paid a whole lot more than the average gamer, who are paying a little over $US7 for the bundle as of the writing of this post.

Humble Indie Bundle sales stats [Thanks to everyone who sent this in.]


    I remember playing Cortex Command at ACMI when they had the indie games on show-case there. The concept of the game looks really fun, the art style as well, if only the controls were a little more precise.

    A mate of mine paid $1337 for the original humble indie bundle, its one of the most expensive cheap laughs I've ever seen

    "$US500 for a batch of indie games that only cost $US500"

    Is that a typo?

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