Call Of Duty Is Nothing Like The Real Thing

I've been a long-time advocate of somebody making a war game that plays like an actual war: one where you fight in real battles, not battles from a video game based on an action movie. This is what I mean.

This clip, posted on military site, depicts a US infantry squad in combat in Afghanistan. Thanks to the camera's vantage point instant parallels can be drawn with first-person shooter games.

Had this firefight taken place in a game, it would have been a tutorial level. Or a brief stopover between objectives. A few bad guys, a few shots fired, then you move on to the next triggered sequence.

Here, though, it's tense. Gripping. Partly because we know these are real people, sure, but also because of the (albeit unintentional) cinematic effects. The shaky-cam, the nervous chatter, the immediacy of the whole thing brought to you by loud sound effects and copious amounts of dust.

It's surely time we got to play a game like this. Not for some sick thrill of living the life of a soldier, but as a means of education as entertainment. Put someone in the shoes of a real soldier facing real battles, where even small firefights are important, health packs can't save you and allies don't respawn just in time to save the day.


    Call of Duty isn't the only FPS, please stop treating it like it is. Good video, also "Fucking trees" made me chuckle.

    Then why is it ive never seens this contributor talk about Bohemeia Interactive and Arma, Arma2 and its addons and of course the grand daddy of them all Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis.

      It's because ARMA 2 doesn't have a shoelace tying minigame - and therefore the realism is absolutely shot through

      Look at the articles tags, those three words get more hits. I wonder if Luke Plunkett knows ARMA and Operation Flashpoint exist. What pisses me off is all these games rarely mention militaries from other nations. You'd think the good ol' US of A are single handedly keeping the world safe from terrorists, pirates, rapists and dodgy car salesmen.

        Well, most of these 'modern warfare' games starring Americans were generally in (real or fictional) conflicts where American forces bore the brunt of the fighting and deployed the greatest number of forces.

    wish i had just as many noob tube grenades in game

    If OFP & ARMA would stop sucking in their own ways and start fulfilling their potential, we could have a game that intense

    To be fair, allies don't save you in cod either, they let the bad guys run straight past them and the bad guys ignite them and shoot you...

    lol a war game playing like an actual war would suck. Sorry, I don't find dying once and having to restart the whole game fun.

      Well if you were to get technical, if it played like real war, then if you die once the game should stop working... Have to buy a new copy i guess :p

      I'm pretty sure you don't actually get to restart from the beginning if you die in an actual war. Unless reincarnation counts, if you believe in that sort of thing.

      So it'd be more like you get killed once and throw the game in the bin, never to play it again. Which, incidentally, is exactly what I did with Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

        lol yeah I kind of realised that after I submitted the comment :P

    Fire up your pc and give Operation Flashpoint a whirl.

    Most realistic war shooter ever IMO.

    It's showing it's age though.

    ARMA II is the closest to that you can get at the moment.

    Wait CoD isn't realistic? I thought every soldier's day to day lives included blowing up buildings, averting terrorist crisis that threaten the world and driving a car into a jet about to take off while being shot by badguys.


    To hell with COD, ARMA2 ftw.

    I'd like to think ArmA 2 is pretty damn close. Especially when you use realism mods such as ACE2 and great sound mods like JSRS.

    It is the only game that makes me whince when getting shot at. The fact you can get shot from several hundred metres away, coupled with the sound of bullets snapping past you and the fact a single hit can mean the end of you is very harrowing when you don't have any means of "respawning" in a mission.

    It's not a FPS, but Full Spectrum Warrior was the closest game I've played to that video.

    Noob can't even get enough kills to get a UAV even with scavenger pro and 4 noobtube attachment shots...

    i kid, i kid xD

    well of course. No big explosions, no multiple spawning enemies so you can brag about killing 100 bad guys in one level.

    Where's the fun in that?

    Great video. I'm not sure I want to play a game like this, personally. Not into that kind of simulation - I prefer my stupid Hollywood-esque escapism for gaming.

    Man, war sucks.
    Confused as to what that black spot in front of the sun is. Is that Venus?

    Project Reality can play like that

    The guy ran right across him when he was starting to fire.

      Unfortunately, that happens all too often in real life, and fortunately the officer reflexively held fire.

    I'm not sure how much I believe in the reality of this clip. Why is everyone else flat on the ground and this guy who happens to have the camera is just kinda standing around or at most crouching?

      A friend who was in the US military said the reason why the commissioned officer was not prone like his non-coms was because that's what they're trained to do. It's a matter of odds, apparently.

      If several non-coms are running around because they're afraid and panicking, then it's more likely somebody will get shot. Also, if they're too afraid to be shot and are just hunkered down behind cover, then they're not going to do their jobs adequately. So if the enemy fire is judged imprecise enough, an officer putting themselves in harms way can lessen the fear the men and women under his or her command feel. And they're all afraid, anybody would be in such a situation.

    He needs to play at a higher resolution.

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