Can You Afford To Buy Tetris One More Time?

Honestly, how many times will I be asked to buy this game. I have it on my iPhone, my DS, my Game Boy. All in all I've probably played roughly 13 different versions of the thing. But that doesn't matter, because Tetris is now coming the PSN, and apparently this is the best version yet.

You can check out the trailer below but, as always, most of the upgrades seems a little arbitrary. Maybe it's the nostalgia talking, but I honestly don't think Tetris has improved since the Game Boy version.


    I thought exactly the same thing! When I saw the video I thought to myself "When will these games, like tetris, pacman and space invaders, die out? Are they the immortal gods of the old gaming world?"

      Yes they are.

      Besides, why should they die out? They are alpha and omega. They are gaming incarnate.

      But i'm with you, Marky Boy, as great as some of these new updated versions are, nothing beats the originals. Because, lets face it, all of the versions have the same mechanic and base idea, but the originals also have that awesome nostalgia factor that wins my heart every time.

      That being said, with my partner being a massive tetris fan, i'd been considering getting the new Wii version... but $40-$60 seems pretty steep for what it basically just another version of tetris...

    I haven't bought tetris since my gameboy... but it still works, and I play it often.


    I'm buying a PS3!

      Hells yeah! You heard them!
      Surround Sound!
      Online Multiplayer!
      I can honestly* say that these are all the things I have ever wanted in Tetris!

      * A lie.

        They should've added 3D support and Move controls to round out the package.

    The real question is WHY are you buying Tetris so many damn times? Weren't you sick of it before 1990 like the rest of us?

    I love tetris! I can spend a solid hour playing it without realising, tetris is one of my most played games on my dsi (the one with the puzzle mode).

      and the music.

      The music, my God, the music.

        The Commodore 64 version still has the best music of any version of Tetris.

    Tetris on my graphics calculator in high school. That was my life.

    I've never bought Tetris myself. I've always been given some Tetris playing device from Grandparents and such for Birthdays and Christmas, because that kid likes his darn vidjamagames and such.

    I like me some Tetris but I don't think I'd ever pay for it.

    I wonder if the "Battle Mode with Power Ups" thing is anything like TetriNET? If it is, then it could very well be the best version that has held the Tetris trademark.

    I just play the online free versions on their website.

    It's so difficult to play without arrow controls on a Touchscreen device.

    Tetris peaked for me when I played it online versus on PC in the 97/98ish timeframe, for free. Everything since then has just been more of the same.

    They haven't done anything new with it at all. It's identical to the Wii version, but with a rave version of the theme song, and slightly better looking.

    There can't be a best version if they are all the same.

    I bought Tetris on my iPhone under false pretense.
    Thought I paid for tetris.
    Instead I got some dodgy knockoff that has the same name but I know it's not the real tetris. It hasn't got the original tune!!! Not happy.

    I actually found in the early iPhone days a clone called Tris which is ironically better than the real thing on iPhone.

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