Celebrate Christmas With A Mass Effect 2 Demo

Next week, the PlayStation Store will be graced with something PS3 owners have been waiting quite a while for: a demo for sci-fi role-playing game Mass Effect 2.

There's no word on just which part of the game you'll be playing - my money would be on the intro sequence where you meet your Cerberus pals - but it will be out on December 21 in the US and December 22 in Europe.

Mass Effect 2 was originally released in January of this year on PC and Xbox 360, but will be making its PS3 debut in January 2011.


    Any word if Playstation Plus subscribers will get the demo early? That was a selling point, but I havent seen it happen yet.

    Hmm looking at this screenshot got me thinking of Western ideas...

    Mix Red Dead Redemption with some Mass Effect and you MAY just have yourself a Firefly video-game.

    Hey, I ain't complaining!

    its nice to know when america and europe are getting it, but i'm more interested when australia/new zealand get it! its the 22nd heading into the 23rd in about 2 and a half hours and no ME2 demo

    so the demo for mass effect 2 will be available on PSN when ?

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