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CheapSkate Gamer

Inception blew my mind. It was still nothing on the Christmas sales in this weeks’ CheapSkate Gamer!

I’m sorry but I did not have time to get ALL these deals in AND write scores and lame jokes, so unfortunately, this week, it’s just a list.

PC Digital Download

F.E.A.R. Complete Pack – $16.24 (75% off) The Oddbox – $4.97 (50% off) Peggle + Nights – $7.99 (60% off) F1 2010 – $19.99 (50% off) Portal – $3.75 (75% off) Titan Quest Gold – $4.99 (75% off) Deus Ex Collection – $2.99 (85% off) LEGO Batman – $4.99 (75% off) Battlefield Bad Company 2 – $6.79 (66% off) Super Meat Boy – $3.75 (75% off) Fallout 3 GOTY – $20.09 (33% off) All Prince of Persia Games – (75% off) Unreal Deal Pack – $14.99 (79% off) Square Enix Complete Pack – $74.99 (88% off) 2k Mega Pack – $79.99 (81% off) THQ Complete Pack – $49.99 (87% off) Bethesda Pack – $69.99 (55% off) Telltale Holiday Pack – $29.99 (62% off) Sol Survivor – $4.99 (50% off) Indie Heavy Hitters Pack – $19.99 (82% off) Indie Smarts Pack – $4.99 (88% off) Indie Kids Pack – $4.99 (92% off) Indie 2d pack – $4.99 (82% off) Indie Fright Pack – $4.99 (92% off) Indie Beat Pack – $4.99 (89% off) Indie Fantasy Pack – $4.99 (88% off) Indie Flight Pack – $4.99 (91% off) Indie Future Pack – $4.99 (90% off) Indie Mix Pack – $4.99 (92% off) Indie Adventure Pack – $4.99 (89% off) Iron Grip: Warlord – $4.95 (50% off) Singularity – $19.95 (50% off) Alone in the Dark – $6.78 (66% off) Civilization IV Complete Edition – $6.24 (75% off) Empire Earth III – $4.00 (60% off) Fatale – $3.50 (50% off) STALKER Call of Pripyat Loyalty Edition – $7.98 (60% off) The Witcher: Enhanced Edition – $7.98 (60% off)

Retail Boxes Nothing that isn’t cheaper on Steam at the moment.

Xbox 360 Halo: Reach – $42.99 Forza Motorsport 3 – $39.00 Borderlands – $39.00

PS3 Terminator Salvation – $18.99 Battlefield: Bad Company – $28.00 NFS: Undercover – $28.00

Wii All Star Karate – $14.99 TMNT Smash-Up – $24.97 Carnival Games Mini Golf – $20.00

PSP Nothing Again guys…

DS Combat of Giants: Dragons – $23.00 Cooking Mama 3 – $34.97

Indies I Love Strawberries – $0.99 – iPhone 40 Stories – $0.00 – PC Alien Arena 2010 – $0.00 – PC

Mods Underlord – Titan Quest

Have any money left? Disappointing. Start again from the top, you obviously weren’t reading the list properly! Otherwise, did I leave a deal out? If so, comment below or on facebook, and tell us where!


    • I deliberately left it out to stop people thinking of it as a “discount bundle”. The whole point is charity :\

      Still, I guess you’re right, not everyone would pay $50 like I did.

  • Ooh, I like it better like this. I’m too old for your super-lame jokes and rarely agree with your opinion so I don’t read that stuff anyway. 😛

    • Heart. Broken. </3

      But if everyone wants me to get rid of them for good, then sure, just comment below and suggest alternatives! Tell me what you like and don't like and I'll sway to your demands…

      … as long as you hold pitchforks. That's my only request.

      • I still love you MadTod! You’re like the little brother I can’t live with, but can’t live without.
        I just feel inflicting your own brand of strangeness on the articles doesn’t do your hard work justice is all. This is the first one I’ve been able to read all the way through without fighting against my instinct to run far away from you. 🙂

      • I prefer the straight list too, a joke or four at the top or bottom is fine, but the long gag-stretch caused some, well, gagging here.

        Thanks for the list, there is some great stuff on there, and have a gamey christmas!

    • Agreed. Looks better like this. Less hassle and easier to skim through. Also, the lack of the running “gag” commentary is a definite improvement.

      It’s still a shame that it only focuses on online deals. Does everyone really exclusively buy games online these days? I’m not that fond of it at all. I have a shifty postie ¬_¬

  • All people must buy Super Meat Boy. Then explode in frustration when you can’t go on.

    Also, The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom is 50c on Steam 🙂

  • Also just to put it out there for people new to steam sales – make sure you go beyond the main page of the 24 deals because there are hundreds (if not thousands) of other titles discounted throughout the entire length of the sale (Eg: Mass Effect 2 is now only $29.99 *wink*). Although, sometimes something that is already discounted in the background one day, may turn up in the 24 hour sale at an even more discounted price later on in the sale…

  • Oddbox is $12.49, not $4.97. “$4.97” is what you save. Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath are also unspeakably broken. It’s like they were ported by gradeschoolers.

  • Where’s the jokes and scores?
    You’re a phony! A big fat phony!
    Even though I own Super Meat Boy on the Xbox, I think I might just buy the Steam version as well. It’s only $3.75, after all…

      • Perhaps you can get the best of both worlds with a little bit of rearranging. Have a list form for the skimmers, and add a paragraph or two at the bottom titled ‘Todd’s two cents’ 😀

        Plug your favourite game/deal, and comment as you usually do.

        Those of us who appreciate your jokes can still get our fill!

        • That’s a brilliant solution. Don’t muddy up the deal list with unnecessary info, and have a place at the end to inject your personality into.

          • Fine. But I’ll need some sticky-tape to put my heart back together. Or at least blu-tac…


            Seriously, don’t worry, I don’t mind either way, I only put them in because I thought people enjoyed them. If I’m relieved of it, then so be it. No harm done, trust me 😉

  • I have a couple for PSP – Ace Combat: Joint Assault and Ghost Recon Predator; $28 GAME Online store. Considering they are newish releases and have free post its not a bad price.

  • TadMod!!! Gameloft’s top 14 iPhone games are on sale until the 23rd for AU$1.19. Includes some pretty good deals. Thought I’d let you know!

  • Game is having their insane sale again, both online and instore. Just checked out the Perth Forrest Chase Game, and most of the pricing seems to match with online.

    Not as good as deals as 6 months ago, but still some good prices among it.

  • Fallout 3 GOTY + New Vegas (£5.00 saving when bought together, good bargain if you don’t have the add-ons) £30.88 delivered from Zavvi, which works out to about AU$49

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