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Well folks, this week has been a bit different. No crazy R18+ news, no big releases. Things seem to be slowing down a little in the lead up to Christmas. Still, you guys have been out in force, which I appreciate!

First off I'd like to apologise for missing last Friday's games - if you guys are still up for it I'll be on Halo: Reach from about 9pm onwards tonight (GT: DriestBobcat) so feel free to drop me a message and we can get some matches going.

This week has been great. I've loved the banter between JamesMac and JamesMacUsemyTag, Jimu Hsien hasn't stopped posted all week, Shane, Welbot, Tadmod - all the regulars have been here in force this week - and it's been great to see a lot of newcomers posting. Even Chuloopa is posting despite his work being insane in the lead up to Christmas.

As for me - I'm absolutely buggered. I think the pace of covering R18+ last week finally caught up to me, and I'm really looking forward to the Christmas holidays. Sleep is very much on the agenda.

Anyway - enough rambling. This week's Community Kudos goes to Tech Knight who was nominated by Welbot for offering to help him out in time of need!

Congrats, and shoot me an email Tech Knight - I've got a copy of Epic Mickey waiting for you, and if you don't have a Wii, let me know and we'll sort something else out!

Alright! I'm buggered, time for me to go and have a nap in preparation for the Halo: Reach massacre that's about to ensue this evening. See you there folks!


    Man i need to get Reach so i can join in with you guys, regardless of my opinion of the franchise :P lol

    Awesome work TechKnight! You're always an awesome contributor to the community and it's good to see you rewarded for it :D

    Man it was REALLY hard for me to keep up with everything this week, and i'm sure i've missed heaps, but there has been some damn good fun to be had. Wacky, wacky week!

    :O Congrats mate, and what a last couple of months this community has had. Intense stuff.

    But hey, what happened to last week's prizes? That awesome guy who won needs chic geek swag to put triumphantly on his desk. >.>

      I've got a mad backlog! Next week they're going out alongside the Dead Rising 2 stuff! Posters are such a bastard to send out!

    wow! nice work! I just have to acknowledge that Thisler did also offer to help, but since he's won Kudos before, i thought Tech Knight deserved a little love! Still really appreciate your offers guys, and although I didn't take either of you up on them, the thought counts for a lot with me :)

      I always back up the people that help me Welbot. My name has meaning, the knight that helps his friends with all the smarts and tech at his disposal, hence my latest gamertag and alias online: Tech Knight hehe :)


    Congratrigulatitudes Techie! :D

    PS: Even if you dont have a Wii, get Epic mickey and send it my way ;P

    jokes! :D


      PS More encouragement Mark?

      I thought my constant comments were a nuisance...HMMMM...

    What-what-WHAAAAAT!? OMG Welbot you are a bloody awesome bloke! :D Same to you Mark... actually to hell with it, thank you all, you're an absolutely awesome bunch! I love the whole Kotaku community :)

    ...unfortunately I haven't got a wii... nintendo wii that is! PS3, DS and PC are my main three :)

    I would love some Reach tonight :)

    Um - what do you mean no crazy R18+ news - there was a story doing the rounds this week that one of the reasons for the hold up at the AG meeting was that John Rau wants the R rating but also wants the MA rating abolished when it comes to games so there's a more clear delination

    God forbid you ever leave Mark, but if you do, the next editor is going to look through the tags and go "'the girl at guzman e gomez totally fancies me'? Wha... what the hell?"

    First time posting and I got my name in the tags for Community Kudos!!!!
    Thanks Mark, means way more than any mere material prize. **wipes tear from eye**
    This is serreliously the best community going!(Terrible I know)
    Got a busy weekend so will be back on Tuesday with my descriptions for Chuloopa and Qumulys. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

    P.S. Did anyone find my replies to FatShady about his FatBox amusing.... I think i'm hilarious :D
    **glances at his THIRD Xbox so far and hopes it wasn't paying attention**

    I must admit, a little bit of wee came out, and i thought maybe i won a prize....
    But congrats to Tech Knight ( a picture is slowly forming in my brain ) and thanks to Welbot ( you're up next to ) for the Christmas Card, will be my desktop for the next week.

    I haven't played Reach in a while so I'll play tonight. Expect a message from the Hobo!

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