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Hey guys, really sorry I have to keep this short, because after writing up the R18+ news and furiously writing up an interview after getting off the phone with Brendan O' Connor (all while the bloody office Christmas party was going on!

But that being said - it's been a mental week with all the R18+ stuff, and I want to thank you guys for supporting our READY campaign.

In that vein, I'd like to announce that Adam Ruch wins this week's Community Kudos, for his great, informative posting on the topic. Runner up goes to Jimu Hsien for think that he'll never win Community Kudos. See! I proved you wrong!

Have a great weekend - and don't forget we have a Community Playdate tonight. I should be on at 9pm for some games of Halo: Reach. See you guys then!

UPDATE: Guys. I'm really sorry - I won't be able to make the games tonight. I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere at the Company Christmas Party with no way to get home in time. I'll have to postpone it till next week. Hopefully you guys can have some games in my absence. Sorry!




    Hope that wasn't too subtle.

      About as subtle as smashing a souflé with a sledge hammer my friend :)

      ARGH you beat me to it!

    lol that was short!

    Enjoy the Xmas party - i hope it's not soured too much by the terrible news :(

    Congrats to Adam and Jimu :)

    Yeah...I hope...Christmas...whatever...this stupid country...

    Nice one Ruch! and congrats to our resident self proclaimed asshole Jimu! ;) You da MAN! Hope you guys score something sweet!

    Congrats guys!

    Cheers for keeping us up-to-date too on the #R18au SCAG meeting too Mark.

    Kudos to Adam.
    Enjoy the party Mark, hope your not a crying in your beer glass drunk.

    Its been quite a week for all of us. And its not even over yet >.< Thanks for the nod Mark, I do enjoy being part of this community.

    Great work guys and a big thanks to Serrels for the constant updates regarding the R18+ campaign, and for your amusing twitter madness prior to the press conference this afternoon.

    You sir, definitely deserve much kudos! Maybe not the outcome we all were hoping for but lets hope things keep moving forward.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Fancy scheduling the Christmas party for today of all days - what were they thinking.

    Yay Jimu! Your self proclaimed selfishness has earned you... something!

    Well Mark, on behalf of the wider community - massive kudos to YOU for 'READY'.

    thanks :-)

    Congrats to all...

    * Internet High Five!!! *


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