Dead Money On Fallout: New Vegas Looks 'Dead' Good

Bugs aside, we know that for many of you Fallout: New Vegas is the game of 2010, so when we got a hold of the latest trailer we knew we had to let you guys have a look. I've yet to chuck my copy of New Vegas in my 360, but this trailer looks interesting and seems to be set around an interesting premise.

Check it out below!


    very interesting.

    reminds of that quest in The Shivering Isles where you mess around with those adventurers in that tomb.

    is it just me, or did that seem a bit... bioshocky?

    All I want is a patch that makes the game playable... sure some DLC would be nice AFTER that but right now, how about just concentrating on making the game sitting on my shelf work.

    This looks awesome! I've been waiting for the big patch to continue this game, I'll be getting the dlc along with it too.

    "One of you all die..."

    Oh sonova....

    They better have the buggy combat AI sorted out by then. "Be Passive" apparently means "Return fire and go all Leeroy Jenkins/kamikaze at every opportunity".

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