Dead Space 2 Demo Terrifies In Time For Christmas

Is Dead Space 2 really "scarier" than the original? Find out later this month, when a demo of the scary sci-fi sequel drops for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

If everything works out as it should, the only thing more terrifying than Dead Space 2 will be the idea of spending a week cooped up with your family during the Christmas holiday. Thanks to EA and Visceral you'll be able to choose the lesser of two evils starting on December 21, when the Dead Space 2 demo lands on the Xbox Live Marketplace worldwide and the PlayStation Network in North America. European PS3 owners will have to wait an extra day, but I'm sure your relatives are perfectly charming.

The demo will see players discovering the Church of Unitology, trying out new weapons like the entertaining Javelin gun, and trying on a suit equipped with boot jets that gives Isaac 360 degree control in zero-G. It sounds pretty awesome.

"The holidays are a great time to enjoy all forms of entertainment, and we can't wait to give horror and action adventure gamers a taste of what awaits them in Dead Space 2," said Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer of the Dead Space franchise. "Releasing the demo five weeks before launch will not only re-connect players with our hero Isaac Clarke, but will also give them the opportunity to experience firsthand various jaw-dropping scenarios. It's gonna be awesome"

See? He agrees with me. Awesome.


    *the following may contain SPOILERS*

    wait, what?
    didn't isaac get his face eaten off by his necromorphian wife at the end of dead space 1?

      In dead space 2, Isaac suffers from dementia. I am pretty sure he was hallucinating his wife in that ship.

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