Dead Space Aftermath Piles On The Cartoon Gore

January offers double the Dead Space, with the sequel to Visceral Games' sci-fi horror hit landing on the 25th and the similarly gory animated spin-off, Dead Space Aftermath, arriving the same day.

EA expands the Dead Space universe even further with Aftermath, a bloody animated film that follows up on the events of the original game. Dead Space Aftermath is a mix of hand-drawn and computer generated animation, soaked in blood and burning flesh, the kind of stuff perfect for Saturday mornings. It's coming to DVD and Blu-ray, if the Dead Space universe is something you'd like to explore even further.


    The original Dead Space movie was horrifyingly gory. I watched it before trying to play Dead Space and then tossed Dead Space. Didn't really regret it, it was a cool little movie.

    Dead Space: Downfall sucked.

    This looks like it COULD be better, but I'm somewhat skeptical.

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