Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gets A $US10 Augmentation

Why spend $US60 on the plain vanilla version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution when you can get a box full of extra stuff for $US70? Square Enix details the Augmented Edition and preorder bonuses for the upcoming action RPG sequel.

Available early next year for $US69.99 ($US59.99 PC), the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition bundles the game inside some rather attractive premium packaging, along with a 40-page art book, a motion graphic novel, a making-of DVD and the game's soundtrack. Pretty standard stuff, but that art book sure looks gorgeous, doesn't it?

More bonuses come to those that preorder the game at participating retailers. Putting money down at a retailer that isn't GameStop will score players the Tactical Enhancement Pack, which comes with a Huntsman Silverback Double-Barrel Shotgun, the Longsword Whisperhead Extreme Range Sniper Rifle, and extra credits to spend in game.

GameStop preorders will secure the Explosive Mission Pack, packed with a Linebacker G-87 multiple shot grenade launcher, the M-28 Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device, an automatic unlocking device, and an entirely new mission to play through, featuring a cameo by a character from the original Deus Ex.

So how and where will you folks be buying Deus Ex: Human Revolution?


    What is the Australian price - if any?

      1 milllllllioooooooonnnnnn dollllaaaarrrrrssssss.

    For this game, the price matters not for me. For the first time in what has to have been almost five years. I plan to go and pre-order a game from a physical retailer instead of Steam.

    Deus Ex holds a special place in my gaming history and I just have to get me some special/collector's/limited/moon-men edition goodies.

    DAYAM, those screenshots look tasty!

    This series prior to the latest game hincarnation is totally kick arse!

    I for one am seriously looking forward to Deus EX and preordering ASAP.

    I didn't play the first two but am eagerly awaiting this!

    Oh man.. that looks so damn nice..

    I really should play the first 2.. maybe i'll tackle the Deus Ex games instead of Splinter Cell when i'm done with Mass Effect...

      Yes you should. :P Definately the PC versions over consoles. Playing a Deus Ex game (esp the first) on consoles just seems... wrong.

      Definately picking this up unless there is something bigger. :) If they do a surprise re-release of the first game with the Human Revolution Engine I'd also be happy but I'm not holding my breath.

      You just missed out on both for $5!

      haha thanks guys, i do already have the 1st on PC, just need to get the second, but that's easy enough to get :)

    Is this both third and first person?

    Looking good.

    As someone who loves the original i think this will be worth it for the extra mission alone, hope the in game extras dont make the game easier though.

    I'm curious, what do people consider a worthwhile collectors edition? Does anyone actually get excited about making of dvds and art books?

      Normally no, for this game YES.

      To alot of gamers (that were around when the original came out) this was a defining game.

      I still consider the original the best game ever made.

    ugh, supercool grenade launcher, or super gorgeous shotgun. I hope aussie retailers pull some shifty shit and get me both. I've seen it before

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