Deus Ex's Cyborg Future Is Oh So Pretty

As part of the marketing campaign for the new Deus Ex title, publishers Square Enix have set up a "viral site" for some of the technology found in the game. And it's gorgeous.

We normally couldn't give a rat's behind about this kind of tedious marketing, but again, just look at this stuff. It really is wonderful. So don't think of it as a marketing exercise. Think of it as an excellent source of desktop wallpaper for lovers of Deus Ex and indeed all things shiny and science fiction!

Deus Ex 3 is the latest entry in the classic action/role-playing series, which will be out on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime early next year.

[Sarif Industries]



      Has anyone else unlocked the Hacking mini-game in the Sarif Industries website?

    Bit slow Kotaku! Blistered Thumbs had this up since at least last week!

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