Diablo III Seeks Hardcore Monster Encounters

Blizzard's action role-playing game Diablo isn't just about the click-click-click of whacking on monsters and chugging potions. There are tactical considerations, like how one will deal with the constant flow monsters in Diablo III, that one must keep in mind.

The many ways in which we will encounter the bestiary of Diablo III is the subject of Blizzard's latest update for the game, which covers the concepts of "frenzied" and "big hit" monsters, human Vessels that serve as incubators for demons and the spells and skills that players will have to employ to survive the experience.

Diablo III Encounters [Blizzard]


    That's good and all, but swarms can get predictable or annoying, ala Left 4 Dead games.

      My thoughts? Expert mode: Brilliance

    Knowing the diablo series and the variety of monsters, having more then one type of monster in a swarm could be fatal :-) love it. I want diablo 3 nowww

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